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Welcome to Year 6! We hope that the children have had a good rest and are ready for the busy year ahead. During our first few weeks we will focus on settling the children back into school and ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge required to be successful in Year 6.


Working with us

We strongly believe that education is a shared partnership with school and home. We encourage parents to become fully involved in their children’s learning and also in the life of the school.  We are keen to work with you to support your children and we encourage parents to speak with us regularly. 


Mrs Healy and Miss Radford

Geography - 30th April 2024


This term Willow class have been studying Las Vegas in order to answer our enquiry question: "Is Las Vegas completely different to Basingstoke?"  In order to answer this, we have looked at the location of both places in the world, biomes, human and physical features, land use, climate and economy.  The children worked in small groups and used evidence across all of their learning to support their answer. 

Badminton at Costello 12th March 2024

Willow Class were very fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in some badminton lessons with Mrs Lewis at Costello today.  The children learnt how to take part in a competitive rally and we were pleased to see some children managing to get to 10 (although no one could surpass Mrs Healy and Sonny who managed a whopping 122!)  It was a great morning, the children were impeccably behaved and we all look forward to returning in the summer term.

Art Day 9th February 2024

Bikeability - Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th January

Willow Class have had their Bikeability training.  After initial assessments, most of the children were able to progress towards Level 2 where they headed out onto the roads to develop skills for cycling on single-lane roads with simple junctions and learn about the core functions for safe and responsible cycling. 

Art - 9th January 2024

Willow Class have been practising their sketching skills before we recreate some artwork by Paul Jackson.  We cannot wait to see their final outcomes!

Friday 20th October 2023

Sharing our horror narratives around the fire pit


Willow class were given the opportunity to share our horror narratives, based on Francis, with each other around the fire pit. This was all finished off with a tasty treat of toasted marshmallows.

Our wonderful finished Maya inspired weaving - 18th October 2023


In Art, the children have been designing and creating a woven product in the style of Maya crafts.  Here are our finished products for you to enjoy.

Pok-A-Tok - 10th October 2023

Willow Class have been studying the Maya as their history topic.  We used evidence from artefacts and paintings to produce a factfile on what they believed the game would have looked like.  After this, the class decided that they would like to have a go themselves (although we did have to agree to new rules as it was hard not using our hands!)  Thankfully, the losing team were not sacrificed! 

Wellbeing Wednesday

This week the whole school took part in our termly Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon carousel of activities, where we focussed this time on self-awareness and self-perception.  Willow class had a great afternoon talking about what they are proud of and how special they are.

Maya Sacrifice - September 2023

Year 6 have been learning about the ancient Mayan civilisation in History. They re-enacted a traditional Maya sacrifice and then wrote up a non-chronological report about it.  (Disclaimer:  no child was hurt during the re-enactment smiley)

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