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Hello Willow Class and parents/carers,


Well what a busy and exciting term we have had!  The children have been working incredibly hard, not only in preparation for upcoming tests, but in all areas of the curriculum.  This term we have looked at programming traffic lights using Crumble in DT, and in cookery we have designed and made fajitas.  Our science unit has been on the circulatory system and the children had fun designing their own investigations to look at the effect of different exercises on their heart rates.  In PHSE, the children have been learning some valuable life skills in the role of money, banking and finances and how to be a critical consumer.  Our English "Alma" unit has resulted in some fantastic narratives where the children could write from different perspectives.  


We very much wish you a relaxing Easter break and look forward to an exciting last term with the children before they leave Rucstall on their journey into secondary school!


Mrs Healy and Miss Radford

DT - Fajitas

 During our DT cookery unit, Willow Class designed and made their own fajitas.  We tasted lots of different foods and then planned our fajitas with a user in mind before getting to make them. 

Science - Animals including humans


During science, Willow Class planned their own investigation which looked at the effect of exercise on our heart rates.  They decided which exercises they wanted to do and put them into different categories - light exercise, moderate exercise and vigorous exercise.  



During PE this half term, Willow class have been practising their tennis skills.  We have practised controlling the ball to develop a cooperative rally, developed the underarm serve and return of serve and have become more skilful with our positioning on the court and recovery after a shot. 

Our first attempt at Maya Weaving

Our wonderful finished Maya inspired weaving

Year 6 Learning about Mayan Sacrifice in History

Mayan Ball Game

Our Non-Chronological Reports based on our Mayan Sacrifice

Design and Technology Day - Maya Shelters 

On Friday 10th December, Willow class had their DT day where they were able to design and create a scale model of a typical Maya shelter.  They thought carefully about the purpose of the structure, what design they wanted to make and how to make their structure stronger by considering any reinforcements that might be needed.  Their finished products will take pride of place in our DT cabinet to showcase their skills to the rest of the school.  Willow Class should be exceptionally proud of their achievements today.

January 2022 - English Writing 

Willow Class produced some fantastic non-chronological reports, some of which we sent to Sir David Attenborough to have a look at - we are hoping that we will get a response! The children, and myself, are very proud of what they have produced and each child took home a copy of their work to share with you.  

Our non-chronological reports on the Yellow Spotted Lizard