Rucstall Primary School

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Litter Picking Event - Easter Holidays

Thank you to all the children and parents who turned out this morning to litter pick across the local area and at Rucstall Primary School. It was wonderful to see the community working together. There will be future events, so please watch out for Parentmail notices. Thank you to Miss Swinfield who organised the event.

Women's Appreciation Event

Thank you to all women who were able to make it to our afternoon craft event for children to make something with a woman they appreciate.

British Science Week

Children across the school took part in an afternoon of different Science experiments in different classrooms.

Hampshire Music Service Concert

Hampshire Music Service came and performed for the whole school. The ladies brought along a range of string instruments to share with the children. The children were able to learn about the instruments, as well as hear a range of pieces linked to different animals. 

Adventure Trail Installed

Our adventure trail has now been installed! I am sure the children are very excited to use it when everything has set. Children will start using it in the next two weeks, after they have been shown how to use it safely as a class. Children will then have a designated day to use it as a further playtime option. I would like to stress to parents and children that the adventure trail cannot be used by them. We have to be very clear that use before or after school will have consequences, even with parents present, as this is not covered by school insurances.

Woodland Area Coppiced

This half-term the second woodland area has been coppiced and cleared so that the children are now able to access within these areas in dry weather.

New Logo Launch!

The children and I are extremely excited to share with you the new Rucstall logo! Over the past term, the school council have been helping us to develop a new logo that can be used for many years to come.


As I’m sure parents have noticed, until now we have been using two logos at Rucstall. The school’s original black and white logo is used for letters, but unfortunately we do not have this electronically and the quality of this is no longer print worthy. Secondly, we have the coloured logo on the school jumpers. This is a logo that the school does not have full ownership of and can only be used with limitations. The decision was therefore made to take the opportunity to both modernise the Rucstall logo and develop something that could be universally used, as well as incorporating the school’s identity.


We hope that you will join us in welcoming the new logo, which will be used in all our publications from now on. School jumpers/cardigans/book bags will now only be available with the new logo, but can be purchased from Tesco Online from Monday, as well as Skoolkit. Purchasing from Tesco also raises funds for the school. Children can of course wear uniform with the old school logo on it in the future. We are well aware that clothing often passes down through families and we do not want this logo change to cost parents additionally, or stop recycling. Children are welcome to continue wearing the old logo and we imagine that over time this will change as new items are needed in the years to come.

Snow and Ice Clearing

We are grateful to all staff who made their way in to help clear the site and parts of Holbein Close today. The school is now safe to reopen! 

New Year Party and Discos


Tonight the children had a fantastic night of party games and dancing at the disco. We were incredibly fortunate that Mr Sayer is now bringing a full disco set, with smoke machine and a range of lights, to enhance the disco and party experience. Everyone had a great time dancing to Baby Shark and forming the longest conga line seen at Rucstall to date! Thank you to all the parent helpers who came along to help the PTFA run the event smoothly.

Thank you to all parents who sent children, you have helped the PTFA raise a further £323.15 towards supporting the school!