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Autumn One: Earth and Space


I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer break and is ready to come back to school with lots of energy! 


This half term we will be learning about the Earth, our solar system, and the planets around us. 


In English, we will be completing a fictional piece of writing in the form of a newspaper article about the mysterious rocket launch in Cosmic by Frank Cattrell Boyce. We will be able to imagine what happens and where they end up. We will also write some non-fiction instructions about how to be an astronaut- so we will have to investigate this fully! How do they wash in space? What do they eat? We'll soon find out!


In Science we will look at how the Earth moves in relation to the other planets, the moon and the sun. We will look at day and night, and the seasons, and whether or not the Earth really is round. 


This also link to our Geography as we look at the equator, lines of longitude and latitude, and how to use grid references to find places using an atlas. 


We will be able to develop our learning on our trip to Winchester Planetarium! Please have your forms and money into the office by Friday 13th September, and please let a member of staff know if you are able to accompany us on the day. 


Our PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, but please make sure that kits are in school on a Monday in case this changes. Homework will be on Mymaths and Spelling Shed, and please remember to keep up with timestables books and reading records. 


We have a very exciting term ahead!