Rucstall Primary School

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Ahoy there Hazel Pirates,

                                         All aboard for some fun learning about pirates and their lives. Later on in the term, we will be all taking part in pirate day by dressing up and taking part in some interactive learning. We will be learning to identify the oceans and continents of the world. We will also be looking at aerial photos of Rucstall and Black Dam to spot different key features. We will be investigating the properties of materials and making boats to float.

PE will be on Monday and either a Thursday or Friday. Please remove earring studs on these days. Children can must bring in their PE to keep in school for the week, please consider the colder weather approaching and include a warm tracksuit trousers or black leggings.

You will have received the Reading Records for the term. I will be checking these on a Friday to give out the raffle tickets to reward the children who read four times a week. I will change reading books on a Monday and Friday; last year I was advised by a Hampshire advisor not to change children’s books too often as children need to reread and overlearn words to embed properly in a child’s memory.

I just wanted to say a big, THANK YOU to all the parents for the presents that Mrs Maley and I received in July.


Mrs James