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Hazel Class

Hello Hazel class,


It has been amazing to have you all back! I'm so proud of how well you have come back and all of your hard work! Hope you have a lovely and restful holiday. Below is our Topic map for this half term. Our topic is the beach - we will be looking at the different features of the beach and the story 'the lighthouse keeper'. 


When you return P.E days will be Monday and Wednesday weather permitting so please bring a jumper or hoodie to keep warm and dry and wear lots of sun cream so you don't get burnt.


Homework and reading books will be handed out on Fridays.



Mrs McHugh and Mrs Dunne


Our First Day!


Animal Encounter


Today we had an animal situation we think our animals came to life and destroyed the classroom or that they came from a local zoo. What do you think? 


Still image for this video


Spring 1


This term we are going on an adventure and exploring Brazil (The Amazon Rainforest). In Geography, we will be looking at the features of the rainforest. In our writing, we will be looking at a range of texts to help us with our writing inspired by Sir David Attenborough. 


Our P.E days are Monday and Thursday so please make sure you are wearing your P.E kit on those days. As it is getting colder, please make sure you wear a jumper and a coat so you can stay nice and warm!


Homework will be set on a Friday and check in will happen the following Friday. 


Please check the website for the homework each week. 


We're going on a minibeast hunt!


In Hazel class we have all gone on a walk (even if you haven't been in class) to look for different minibeasts! 

Autumn 2


This half term we will be looking at The Great Fire of London. In History, we will be comparing our lives to the lives of people in 1666. In our writing, we will be writing a newspaper detailing the events of the Great Fire and a diary entry.


Our P.E days are Monday and Thursday so please ensure you wear your PE kit in to school on those days. PE will be taking place outside so please ensure correct kit is worn.


Homework will be set on a Friday and check in will happen the following Friday. 


Please check the website for the homework each week.

The start of a new topic!


 We have started our topic by looking at a fantastic book with marvelous pictures showing the Great Fire of London. 

The Hazel Gazette 


Today we pretended to be Newspaper Reporters and we wrote headings for our newspaper. What a fantastic newspaper it will be!

Remembrance day


As a school we have worked together to create a poppy display. It was lovely to work together even though we don't always get to see each other. 

A visit from Samuel Pepys


Today we were visited by Samuel Pepys to share his experience of the Great Fire of London. He told us many interesting facts.

Experimenting with materials


Today we experimented with materials to make our Tudor houses.

Pudding Lane and The Great Fire


For our D.T. project we made houses to recreate the great Fire of London. We then lined them up and set them on fire! It was lots of fun and great to see how the fire spread. 

The Great Fire

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A visit from the Fire Service


Today we were visited from the fire service to talk about Fire safety. 

Christmas is coming to Hazel Class!


In Hazel Class we have had a visit from an elf, we have decided to call him Icy Happy. As you can tell he is very happy and very kind! He helped Mrs McHugh decorate the class and bought us a book about ice as one of our special treats!

Elf Challenges


This week Icy Happy (our class elf) has given us some challenges to see if we can become elves! It has been lots of fun and Icy is very proud of us!



It's beginning to smell and look a lot like Christmas! 

Ice skating our way to Christmas holidays!


Today we had a magical day of ice skating. Some fell over (even Mrs McHugh) but it was worth it. It was amazing!

Autumn 1 - Pirates


I’m very excited to announce that our first topic will be Pirates. In English, we will be looking at different pirate books. We will be using them to help us write our own stories as well as writing a letter to warn sailors from the awful pirates! In geography, we will be explorers exploring the continents looking for clues to find the pirate's treasure.


Our P.E days are Monday and Friday, so please ensure you wear your PE  kit in to school on those days. PE will be taking place outside so please ensure correct kit is worn.


Homework will be set on a Friday and check in will happen the following Friday. Please check the website for the homework each week.


First day


This afternoon, we had a wonderful time decorating our own potatoes inspired by Mr Potato head into superheroes and monsters. It was lots of fun and we are excited for all the fun and learning we will do in Year 2.

Treasure chest adventure!


Today we followed a Pirate’s treasure map and found some Pirate’s treasure. It was amazing! We found some new pencil cases for our desks and even some gold bars!

Can you label a pirate ship?


Today we looked at the different parts of a pirate ship. We even made up actions for these features. Can you guess what we are showing in these photos?

The Pirate’s reading challenge


Today we found some more treasure! This time, it was bookmarks with our names on them. We found out that if we read four or more times in a week, we will get special stickers to decorate our bookmarks.



Today our pirate asked for our help in finding the best material for a mop to absorb all the water on his boat. We investigated different materials and found the kitchen roll to absorb the most water.

  Antony Gormley Sculptures

The Sinking Science lesson!


Today, we investigated what floats and sinks as our Pirate needed to make a raft. We found out that sticks float and rocks sink!

Using the results from our investigation


Today we used our investigation results to make a raft. We thought about what materials float and sink! We didn't use any rocks! Using our teamwork and our knowledge of materials we made some fantastic rafts. 

Phonics Pirates


Today we were given a challenge from Mr potato head to see if we could read different words using our phonics. It was lots of fun and we used all of our phonics sounds to help us - if you want to see these sounds please look at the top of the page. How many sounds can you read? 

Welcome Mr McKnight


This week we are welcoming a new addition to the class. 

Pirate day


For the end of our topic we had a pirate day. We wore pirate hats, went on a hunt for clues and a solved pirate quest. It was lots of fun!  

Travelling to the moon!


Today we travelled to the moon to see what we could see and hear. We thought of lots of interesting adjectives.

An alien has joined Hazel Class


Today an alien joined our class so we could label all of his peculiar features! 


The potato on the moon!


In DT, we are making a rocket for Mr Potato head so he can try and travel to the dusty moon.

Neil Armstrong


Today we had a special visitor to help us in our English and our History. Our visitor shared many interesting facts - e.g. he loves to roller skate!

Hazel class traveling to the moon


Today we were able to travel past the stars and look at all the amazing wonders space has to offer.


What an eggcelent experiment it was!


Today in Science we used all our knowledge about materials to see if we could design and create an egg carrier that could be dropped. Most of the eggs survived but unfortunately some eggs cracked under the pressure!

We are going on a 'sandcastle' holiday!


This week we have been helping Mr Grinling (the lighthouse keeper) to follow and edit instructions. We even got to make some sandcastles!