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Music - Intention
At Rucstall Primary School we provide a varied and engaging Music curriculum which enables children to develop a love and enjoyment for music not just within lessons but also within the school’s extra-curricular opportunities. Music plays an important part in the school’s wider curriculum including extra-curricular activities, collective assemblies, peripatetic lessons, visiting musicians and performances. At Rucstall Primary School children are provided with an array of opportunities to listen to a range of genres, styles and great composures through weekly music exposure. Children are supported to develop independence in their creativity, self-confidence and ability to listen, perform and compose music. Key elements of Music are developed in EYFS in order to provide progression across the year groups that focus on the interrelated dimensions of music and key skills set out by Hampshire Music Service. Through Music we want them to understand and develop co-operation through composing and performing in unison as well as on an individual level and to be able to celebrate their own and others’ achievements. 



Music - Implementation
Children are given the opportunity to build on the interrelated dimensions of music and the key skills of playing, singing and performing. The children have the opportunity to develop their musical skills across the year. Music should be taught weekly in order for the children to develop and learn skills progressively building on this throughout the term and across year groups. At Rucstall we are focusing on an instrument and skills based approach where the children are able to learn musical instruments across their time at Rucstall. For example, children in EYFS and KS1 play a selection of percussion instruments and Boomwhackers. They will have multiple opportunities to practice these skills across KS1. The children start playing the Ukulele in Year Three and will have opportunities to build on these skills in Year Four, Five and Six by adding to the range of chords, strumming patterns and musical notation and rhythm that they will also develop in other units of music. 



Does your child wish to learn a musical instrument?

There is a direct link between playing a musical instrument, and doing better in school.  Children who practise regularly are helped to develop the mindset of working regularly.  Children who practise to overcome a difficulty in their music pieces will also have the mindset to overcome difficulties in their school work. 


If you wish your child to play an orchestral instrument, Hampshire Music Service offer the opportunity to learn. Lessons can be individual, or as part of a group.  Please inquire at the office, if you are interested. 


We also have Rock Steady in school on Tuesdays. There is currently a waiting list due to the popularity of this but please do sign up to be added to the waiting list.

The Choir have sung at The Costello School and Homestart recently and did an amazing job at both performances!

Year 2 Music

Rucstall KS2 Choir

Rocksteady Music lessons and performance

KS2 Christmas Carol Concert December 22


Our Choir's Latest Song