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Hello Fir Class!


I hope you had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to coming back to school. I am so excited to see you all again and I can't wait to begin our learning together; we have lots of exciting things coming up!


Jeffy is excited to be part of Fir Class with you!


See you soon!


Miss Kay and Mrs Linehan 

We found some Dragon Eggs! We made a nest for the eggs hoping that the adult dragons will come back for them!

We went back to the woodland area and the eggs had gone! We found some dragon scales and feathers and there was a baby dragon back in the classroom! We haven't found the adult dragons yet!

D&T - we were having a go at threading a needle and stitching a basic running stitch to practice for when we make hand puppets!

Marwell Zoo trip! We had lots of fun and saw lots of animals!

We planted some bulbs in the Autumn so that they will flower in the spring!

In Computing we have been programming Beebots and giving them instructions to move on our maps that we drew.

Geography - We had a walk along Holbein Close and Renoir Close

Science - In science we have been etsting materials and exploring whether they are waterproof or absorbent. We tested using pipettes to make sure the amount of water stayed the same.

Writing - We are looking at retelling fairytales and focusing on 'The Three Little Pigs' in particular. We created this story map as a class. Can the children retell the story?

Pumpkin Carving!

We went on an Autumn walk and explored the falling leaves!

In Science we conducted an experiment to see how much rain fell in Autumn. We places pots around the school to collect the rain water.

In Mathematics we have been comparing numbers to 20 using dienes

Jeffy is all ready for the countdown to Christmas!

History: In history this term we are exploring toys. This week we considered how to play with toys respectfully and we played with a range of toys to explore which was our favourite.

In Mathematics we have been learning how to count in 2's!

Oh no! A UFO has crashed into our classroom! We made predictions on what we think happened and the children came up with some great ideas!

In Mathematics we have been looking at multiplication and we have been using arrays to organise our groups into rows.

In Mathematics we have been counting in 10's!

In Writing we have been using our senses to gather adjectives to describe the alien in our story!

Shape Hunt! We are learning about 2D shapes and we went around the school on a shape hunt! Can the children name the shapes that we saw?

In Gymnastics we have been working on partner balances using some of the equipment. We are working on making sure our toes are pointed!

Art and Design - In Art we are creating a collage. We have been working on the skill of layering this week!

Gymnastics - This week we perfected our group balances!

Collage inspired by Paul Klee! We have been creating a collage using layering and scrunching techniques. The children did a great job today!

Miss Kay was a bit worried about the mess....but they did a great job at tidying and even beat the timer earning themselves a token!

Pancake Day! We learnt about Shrove Tuesday in assembly then had a go at a pancake race with Year 2!

In Science, we are looking at habitats. We went on a Micro-Habitat walk to see where animals may live within our school grounds. We saw a birds nest and places for bugs to live!

Our bulbs are growing! Remember back in the Autumn we planted some bulbs under the soil so that they would stay warm over winter...they have started to grow and some are even flowering!

Jeffy had a great time with Fir and Hazel class singing with Barnaby Bear at the Anvil!

Spring time in Fir Class! Jeffy is all ready for Easter and our bulb pots are evolving and now the crocus have flowered it is the turn of the daffodils! I can see a few tulips waiting to sneak out!

In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of numbers to 50!

In Art, we have been looking at primary and secondary colours and how to mix them!

In D&T we were looking how to safely chop and peel as part of our smoothie making unit.

Smoothie Tasting Event

As part of our Science learning, we planted potatoes. These are in the tubs outside the classroom door. We planted seed potatoes and covered them with soil so that they can germinate and grow. There was already a plant growing, it must have been left from last year!

Coronation Cupcakes - as part of our coronation celebrations the children each decorated a cupcake inspired by royal colours!

We used cubes to measure the length of smaller items but giants footsteps to measure large spaces!

In Maths we have been looking at measurement! We have measure length and mass!

In D&T, we are looking at stable structures - we have been looking at whether objects are stable or unstable and today we had a go at making our own stable structures out of legoi!

In Science we are looking at the process of germination. We are trying to germinate bean seeds. Some are even starting to spout shoots!

Potatoes! You may have seen outside our classroom that our potatoes are growing well with all this rain!

In D&T we needed to test some of the biscuits that we might use for our stable structures. Today we did a dunk test to see what they would be like in liquid!

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole | Mac Barnett Jon Klassen

This is our new book that we will be exploring in our writing lessons!

Our new book in writing is called Sam and Dave dig a hole. Today we gathered adjectives to describe the soil they dug through and the diamonds and gems that they were looking for!

Our Geography trip to the park! We mapped out our route and followed it, along the footpath, under the underpass and into the War Memorial Park. We looked at things that may prevent our park from being perfect all year round!

We have had a day full of RE! This morning a Rabbi from the Jewish Church of Berkshire came to talk to us about Judaism (photos on the school gallery) and this afternoon Year 1 and 2 made some Parshad. We have been looking at special foods in Hinduism and had a go at creating the special food that is often presented to the gods and goddesses.

Today in D&T the children created their stable biscuit structures! We had a great time!

As a reward for the children filling up their token jar twice.... today we had ice lollies and went on the adventure trail!

Alien Creations! Today we used the sounds on the to create our own aliens. Maybe you could have a go over the weekend!

Finkley Down Farm - We had a lovely time at the farm and got to stroke and feed lots of animals!

Potatoes! We harvested our potatoes this week! We also tasted them, they were very yummy!