Rucstall Primary School

A caring, fun loving, learning community

Our Curriculum

Here at Rucstall Primary School our curriculum reflects what our children and community need. We are ambitious and passionate for our children and this is conveyed in our school slogan: 'A caring, fun loving, learning community'. We are committed to developing a school community that is driven to continuously develop and improve. The school's values underpin everything we do and these are: Celebration, Co-operation, Creativity, Equality, Honesty, Perseverance and Respectfulness.


Our curriculum is designed to deliver these values. Everyone at the school works hard to ensure all our children are challenged to have the age related skills and knowledge needed to read, write and calculate with numbers. Closing the gap in vocabulary on entry and promoting rich language throughout the curriculum gives children the tools they need to appreciate and participate in the world around them. We want our children to develop their voice and to be able to communicate, with confidence, their view and understanding. 


We believe in ensuring every child is valued as an individual, and where hard work and perseverance is valued. Within a culture of caring and celebration, we support and nurture our children to develop a love of learning and challenge, with the skills, understanding and resourcefulness to achieve their potential. The school also actively seeks to nurture children's healthy lifestyles, mental health, instil kindness and understanding of others and the ability to keep safe and happy in our modern society.


In the 21st Century we believe that the most successful learners will be those who are excited about learning, ambitious and motivated for themselves. As well as encouraging innovation and flexibility within the children’s learning, the school also aims to develop enquiring children who are confident to investigate and design solutions. We are eager to develop these skills through opportunities for our children to be creative and expressive, enabling development of their own interests and talents. 


How our curriculum is implemented

Our curriculum is purposeful and relevant. Children receive lessons alongside engaging experiences that bring learning to life.


Each subject is valued individually, ensuring that our children develop subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding, as well as making links in other subjects where relevant and to enhance engagement and retention. Key elements within each subject area are developed from Early Years in order to provide solid foundations for the subsequent years’ teaching and learning, to facilitate the learning journey.


Staff receive high quality development opportunities from outside providers, subject leaders, senior leaders and Hampshire County Council to enable them to confidently deliver the curriculum and lead their individual subject areas. Our rigorous assessment processes ensure that all children are supported and challenged appropriately throughout their learning journey at Rucstall Primary School.


Extra provision is provided to enable children to achieve key skills or to enrich learning experiences, including the use of our school grounds. Our judicious use of school funding enables children to ensure our curriculum is broad and rich.


Our Early Years Curriculum

At Rucstall Primary School, we believe that a successful start to school through the Early Years are key to ensuring a continuation of children’s thirst for knowledge and further developing their enquiring minds. Whilst we follow the Statutory Framework for Early Years, our bespoke curriculum focuses on ensuring children develop appropriately to their age to embed both skills, knowledge and a love of learning. 


Working With Other Stakeholders

In order to best prepare our children for Key Stage Three, we have worked with secondary school colleagues to ensure our journeys help to build on their learning. 

We have also invited parents into school at various points to showcase our curriculum, how we teach and how parents might support children at home.