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Hello Fir Class!


I hope you had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to coming back to school. I am so excited to see you all again and I can't wait to begin our learning together; we have lots of exciting things coming up!


Jeffy has made a new friend and he is ready in his uniform to be part of Fir Class with you!


See you soon!


Miss Kay and Mrs Linehan 

Jeffy has his dragon costume on!

We found some dragon eggs in Fir Class! There were some clues left behind from the dragon visit such as feathers, scales and dragon skin. The dragon has left its eggs behind so we are going to write a wanted poster to hopefully get it back. Here the children are building a house for the dragon and some children decided to write a sign to show the dragon where to go. 

We have been busy writing wanted posters to try and get our blue dragon back because she has left her egg behind! Here is a selection of amazing work from Fir Class!

In Mathematics we have been looking at number bonds to ten!

In English we have been reading the book Dragon Post. We had a go at using drama to act out what might have happened with the characters in the story. 

In Science, we made houses for the 3 Little Pigs out of different materials to see which had the best properties to make a strong house.

Today in Mathematics we were looking at using the addition symbol to combine 2 parts. 

Our outside learning this week!

Hello Fir Class,

I hope you enjoyed your half term break and that you are all well rested ready for another half term of learning and growing our brains!

Jeffy has his new outfit on for the term as we will be looking at fairytales in Writing! 
I can’t wait to see you all soon!

From Miss Kay 

In science we were learning about seasons so we went and explored Autumn outside in the leaves!

In Mathematics today we were looking at what it means to split something in half!

We went to Windsor Castle!

I am so proud of all the children on our trip yesterday! They were so well behaved and were a credit to the school. We had an amazing time watching the changing of the guards, exploring the chapel and walking around some of the rooms. We also learnt all about knights and some of the children got to dress up. 

Today in Mathematics we went on a shape hunt around the school! Can the children tell you what these different shapes are?

In Mathematics we have been comparing and ordering length so today we made Christmas trees. We made sure the pieces went from shortest to longest.

In Mathematics today we were measuring objects using cubes. Can you measure something at home using an item such as paper clips or pasta?

In Design and Technology we have been working really hard to make some puppets based around our dragon and fairytales work. The children have taken a lot of care to sew and decorate these puppets and were very proud of them!

Our gymnastics routines!

Year 1 helped to plant some wildflower seeds in the nature walk. Hopefully we will get to seem them bloom!

Some photos from World Book Day!

We have been reading the book Handa's Surprise! We retold the story by sequencing the events and using puppets to help us!

In Mathematics, we have been exploring doubling and grouping using arrays!

In science we have been earning about our senses. We did some different experiments to test our senses.

In science we went outside to observe animals, we say some birds and invertebrates!

Our re-telling of Handa's Surprise. We had some time to read our stories to each other. The children have produced some fantastic work!

Year 1 planted some potatoes! Hopefully we will be able to watch them grow and harvest some potatoes later in the year!

This week we have been looking at mass and weight and using scales to weight and compare how heavy or light objects are.

We had a bit of fun in the snow!

In D&T we were practicing the skills of chopping, peeling and slicing!

Jeffy is ready for the last week of term before Easter!

We have measured the length of the playground using out giants footsteps!

In Maths this week we have been looking at describing turns. We had a go at using this knowledge to program the Beebots!

In our book, The Proudest Blue, the make a paper boat to sail across the sea that is blue like the colour of Asiya's hijab. We made out own paper boats with kind messages and words on them.

In science we are learning about plants so we have planted some bean seeds and some potatoes! They are growing so well! You can keep an eye on the potatoes as they are just outside the classroom doors!

In D&T we were using biscuits to make stable structures. We previously tested biscuits to see which were best then we had a go at building a biscuit tower or building. The children are very proud of their creations!

We filled up our token reward jar before half term, we went on the adventure trail as a reward!

Our potatoes have grown so big! They even have flowers now, hopefully we will have some potatoes to harvest soon!

Jeffy is all ready for our learning about famous nurses in British history!

We had a go at creating our own Marvellous Medicine inspired by Roald Dahl!

Potatoes!!! We had so much fun digging out our potato harvest! We had 63 potatoes!