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This morning, Fir Class went to visit the ducklings that we are looking after in school. We very much enjoyed watching them and feeling how soft they are!

Today we went on the Watercress Line. We started at Ropley and went along the line to Alton on the steam train. We had lunch and then went on a miniature train before having a story and heading back to Rucstall. The children had a great time!

Today we visited the War Memorial Park as part of our Geography learning - we planned out our route last week in Geography and we were able to follow it today. We had a lot of fun!

We also tasted our potatoes, they were very yummy!

Potatoes! As you may have seen we have been growing some potatoes outside our classroom door. We were finally able to harvest them yesterday! The children loved digging into the soil to see what they could find!

Our new History unit this half term is looking at "What is nursing? and What famous nurses lived in Britain?" We started our unit by understanding a little bit about what nursing is and the children had a go at some role play.

Just before half term, Mrs Sayer bought in some of the creatures living in our pond habitat in our Woodland walk. The children enjoyed having a look at all the different creatures, especially the goring tadpoles!

In our D&T learning we have been looking at creating strong stable structures. We had a go at making some out of biscuits! The children had a great time and did manage to create some great structures in between licking their fingers and snaffling biscuit crumbs!

In Art, we have been looking at the artist Esther Mahlangu. She is from South Africa and creates symmetrical prints. Here is the final product that the children created!

In our D&T this half term, we have been looking specifically at food technology. We created smoothies for our adults at home to come in and try! We practiced our safe cutting skills and all the children decided all the ingredients in their individual smoothies!

World Book Day 2024 - the children all look amazing in their book character costumes!

In Art, we have been looking a the artist Paul Klee. He creates abstract work including these landscapes. We observed that his work uses lots of bright colours, shapes and each piece has a circular sun or moon in it. The children created their own Paul Klee inspired landscape then we used scrunching and layering techniques to collage on them to give a colourful abstract look. As you can see by the pictures below, they have been very successful!

In Science, we have been looking at prey and predators and how they use their senses to survive and hunt! Today we used our senses to explore a possible snack as if we were animals in the wild!

In Art, we have been looking at the skill of collage. We had a go at layering and scrunching!

Our new book in Writing is Handa's Surprise! Today we tasted some of the fruit in the story! The children loved it! The orange was their favourite!

In Art, we have been creating prints inspired by the artist Christine Mitzuk who creates mythical and magical art!

In Maths, We have been learning how to count in 2's!

In Maths we are looking at the place value of numbers to 20!

We went on an Autumn walk to see what seasonal changes we could spot!

D&T - We have been making hand puppets and the children worked really hard and showed a lot of perseverance to make them!

Wellbeing Wednesday: This week we had our Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon where we were reflecting on our self and considering some positive affirmations!

Geography: In Geography we have been looking at what is special about our school. Rucstall is on Holbein Close so we took a walk along the road to see what geographical features we could see along the way!

Windsor Castle

Check out the Gallery section on the main webpage for images of the Year 1 and 2 trip to Windsor Castle!

Before our trip to Windsor Castle and our upcoming Castles topic we got out some different sources to learn and make predictions about what Castles might be like!

In D&T, we are going to be making hand puppets! We explored different types of puppets and had a practice at threading a needle and doing a basic running stitch!

In History we are looking at toys across a generation. We bought in our own toys from home to explore the things that we like playing with!

Week 1 - In Geography we are looking at what is special about Rucstall. We sorted some images of things that we and were not at Rucstall and went on a walk after looking at a map to find them! In Computing we explored using the Beebots!

Hello Fir Class!


I hope you had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to coming back to school. I am so excited to see you all again and I can't wait to begin our learning together; we have lots of exciting things coming up!


Jeffy has made a new friend and he is ready in his uniform to be part of Fir Class with you!


See you soon!


Miss Kay and Mrs Linehan