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Art & Design

Art & Design – Intention

At Rucstall Primary School we provide an exciting and varied curriculum where children experiment, produce and create high-quality pieces of art, craft and design. We aim to inspire children through exploring a wide range of artists reflecting different historical periods and cultures. Rucstall Primary School is situated on an estate with street names linked to artists, therefore we believe our art curriculum needs to link and make reference to this. With this in mind, we study Turner and Renoir as part of our art repertoire of famous artists and designers. Key elements taught are progressive starting at EYFS by equipping children with a selection of skills and knowledge to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and modelling. Throughout their time at Rucstall, children become more independent and resilient when creating their own art and our curriculum encourages children to be both reflective and critical by evaluating and analysing their own and other artworks.  


Art & Design – Implementation

Children are given the opportunity to build on the key skills and knowledge of Art and Design. They have the opportunity to develop their skills across the units using a range of different artists, crafts makers and designers before producing and evaluating a final piece. Art and Design is taught three times across the year linking skills with Design and Technology and some elements of Computing. All units build upon skills over time.


For example, when painting is taught in EYFS they focus on creating self-portraits and use the paint to express their ideas in an individual manner, in Year One they paint using Paul Klee as a key artist exploring block shapes focusing on colour theory and mixing. In Year Four they explore pointillism and Georges Seurat, they will use their previous knowledge of colour and composition in other skills covered to explore and adapt the pointillism movement for their own creation. All of these skills build up to a final painting piece in Year Five where they use the impressionist style of Vincent Van Gough as inspiration following on from the pointillism covered previously. They will need to use all of the skills surrounding composition and colour theory that they learnt previously to create their final piece.


Each unit follows a similar format:

Lesson 1: Exploring the work of artists and architects

Lesson 2: Sketch book work/collecting ideas for a final piece

Lesson 3/4/5: Developing skills

Lesson 6: Completing a final piece

Lesson 7: Evaluation