Rucstall Primary School

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Strategic Plan and School Development

Strategic Plan

We are pleased to present our long-term strategic plan for Rucstall Primary School. Its purpose is to set out and communicate our vision, ethos and long-term direction for the school, it reflects our values and outlines what children will leave the school having learned. It has taken into account the views of many key stakeholders including staff and governors. It is a working document, which sets out a range of goals, actions and priorities; we will use it to inform our day-to-day work, judge our progress and help us to decide how best to use our resources.


The strategic plan is complemented by the School Improvement Plan and triangulation documentation set and actioned by Governors each year. The School Improvement Plan is developed by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body. It sets out in operational terms how the long-term strategy of the school is to be achieved each academic year.


Our strategy for the next 5 years is clear and aspirational, but it will also allow us to take advantage of any new opportunities that might arise to ensure Rucstall Primary School remains a school driven to provide high quality education for the whole community.


We are incredibly proud of the school’s achievements and values. It is our intention that Rucstall Primary School will remain a popular school within its catchment, but also attract pupils from wider afield, in by providing even better opportunities for our children to be successful and happy.

As part of its continuous development cycle, the school undertakes a range of activities focused on self-evaluation. This evaluation, along with feedback from pupils, parents and school performance data, helps us to continue improvements to the education of pupils at Rucstall Primary School along our strategic plan.


The document below summarises both the previous years’ successes in rising progress and attainment for pupils, as well as this year’s school development priorities. Some of these priorities may remain a focus for just a year; others may be an ongoing focus to embed the work that has been undertaken. These annual priorities, linked to the areas reviewed by Ofsted, are set to highlight the school’s foci for all staff and members of the community. Progress against the plan is monitored throughout the year by Senior Leaders and the Governing Body.