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Summer Term 2

We made pizzas!

As part of or Design and Technology unit we have been looking at healthy eating and a balanced diet, the children learnt about the importance of having a variety in their meals. We designed pizzas that would be a balanced meal containing protein, carbohydrates, dairy and fruit/vegetables which we then made in class. 

The children had lots of fun making and eating their pizzas! 

We made our own digestive systems!

The Anvil - Creative Connections 

I am so incredibly proud of all the Year 3's that performed in the evening at The Anvil. You acted so professionally and sung your hearts out, it was a brilliant evening and I loved it! The Anvil staff have complemented you on how well we did considering that we were one of the smallest and youngest groups there. 

Thank you to all of the family and friends that bought the children along in the evening and came to support us. 

Once again well done Year 3, I could not be prouder!

Here are some links to the sound recordings from the evening for you to enjoy.

Maths Afternoon

Today we had a maths afternoon based around the book 'Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland'. We made our own medallions and went around the school on a quest to find different angles.

Art Week

Our theme for art week was sculpture. We looked at the abstract art movement and learnt some key characteristics about that style of art. We created lanterns using wood dowels and tissue paper. We took the inspiration for our decoration from the book that we have been looking at in class called 'A Child of Books' which the children have really been enjoying. The children each decorated their lantern to look like one of the pages in the book. Our group piece was inspired by the end of the book. The book is all about unlocking imagination and the characters imagination is represented by colour in the book. 

Anvil Arts music project 

This is the sound track and lyrics for the song 'Celebrating Life' that Year 3 helped to write. This will be one of the big songs performed by all the schools involved. 

I have linked it here so that you can practice at home!


We loved having Hannah and Neil with us on Wednesday afternoon. We played some fun musical games, learned some of the group songs, wrote a song and created some dance moves to go along with it. 

We're beaming with pride

Celebrating Life

Wed 3 Jul, 7pm | The Anvil As we celebrate the 25th birthday of The Anvil we welcome groups from across Basingstoke and Deane to share their work on our Creative Connections project, led by local musician Neil Valentine.

Picture 1

Hello Year 3, 

I can't believe this is the last time that I will be writing that this year, hasn't it flown by quick! We are now in our last half term of the year. I hope you all had a lovely sunny break and that you are ready to start a new term and a new topic!


Our topic for this term is called 'Bizarre Bodies' and we will be looking at both humans and animals and how our bodies work (be prepared...there may be some gross stuff!)

In science we will be looking at all different parts of human and animal bodies including bones, skeletons, muscles food and nutrition and digestion. 


Linking in with our science knowledge, in design and technology we will be looking at what makes up a balanced diet and which foods are important for us to consume in our meals. We will be applying this to hopefully create some yummy food. 


We have a really exciting music opportunity this term, we are participating in a project run by the Anvil Arts celebrating their 25th anniversary. We had one music session before half term where we wrote the chorus of a song created by other children in Hampshire. A letter went out just before the break giving more information and it is also linked below.


In PE we will be participating in some summer games and learning how to play rounders. We will also be getting ready for sports day. Please remember to bring your PE kit in on a MONDAY so that it is ready for the week. Our PE days are subject to change but will usually be on Monday and Thursday. 


Please keep going with your learning at home. It is really important to read regularly and gives you a better chance of winning the reading raffle.  Keep going with those times tables as well. I was very proud of everyone as you all worked really hard last term and so many of you moved up the limes tables!


Topic web will be uploaded and sent home in the first week back. 


I look forward to seeing you all on Monday


Miss Kay 

Anvil Arts music project letter

Summer Term One

Summer Term One 1

Hello Lime Class!

I hope you had a lovely Easter break. I'd love to see what you got up to so feel free to bring a photograph in to tell us what you did over the holidays. 


This term our topic is 'A passage to India'. We will be looking at India from a geographical perspective as well as the bright colours, patterns and fabrics in art and design. 


Please make sure that you have your PE kit in school on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. I will update shortly to confirm our PE days.


Keep reading at home in order to get your raffle tickets to be in with the chance to win a prize in assembly. You need to read 4 times at home, these can be done independently but we do need an adult to sign to confirm that you have been reading. 

Keep filling out a page a week of your times tables booklet in order to earn your house points! This will also help you move up the Limes Tables in our weekly times tables test. We usually try to do these on a Thursday afternoon.

Both the reading folder and times tables book need to be bought into school every day! 


It is our turn this term to participate in cooking. A letter was sent home with details at the end of last term. 


Looking forward to seeing you all,

Miss Kay


Spring Term Two

World Book Day

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens school trip

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens school trip 1
Sir Harold Hillier Gardens school trip 2

The Giant Sing photos

The Giant Sing photos 1
The Giant Sing photos 2
Last term we were involved in The Giant Sing led by Hampshire Music Service. This production told the story of the Wherwell Cockatrice. It was a fantastic performance and the children did really well learning and singing the songs!

Maths escape room

Hillier Gardens

Hello Lime Class, 

I hope you all had a lovely half term and are enjoying the recent spring sunshine!

This term our topic will be light. We will be continuing some of our learning from our previous topic of plants into this term as we know from our cress experiments that light impacts plants growth and hopefully we will learn more about that on our school trip next week. 

We are also still growing our bulbs that we planted last term and hopefully they might start to flower soon!

In science we will be looking at what light is and where is comes from and we will be learning about shadows and how they are created. This links in to our D&T topic where we will be creating our own shadow puppets. 

Our PE days subject to change so please make sure that PE kits are bought into school on Monday so they are there ready to use. Our PE days will probably be on a Monday and a Thursday.

Keep your eyes out for some pictures coming soon of what we have been up to.


Topic webs will be sent home this week and MyMaths will be updated shortly. 


Miss Kay 




Spring Term One

Songs for 'The Giant Sing'

01 A Tale of Woe And Misfortune_FULL (1).mp3

02 Worms And Woodlice All Things Nice_FULL.mp3

03 Nom_FULL (1).mp3

04 The Eating of the Bishop_FULL.mp3

05 A Knight In Peril_FULL.mp3

06 Brave Egbyrt Green_FULL.mp3

07 The Tree in the wood.mp3

08 Mirror_FULL.mp3

09 Legends of Old_FULL.mp3

The Big Sing letter

Picture 1

Hello Lime Class,


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and you are refreshed and ready to start a new term!

I know many of you have been asking, this term we will be looking at 'Plant Power!'

In science we are going to be looking at everything plants! We will be learning about what plants need in order to grow, the different parts of a plant, how water is transported through a plant and the life cycle of plants. We might even be conducting our own scientific experiment so get your green fingers ready!


In Geography we will be continuing to look at plants and the environment thinking about the impact of plants on the environment and the impact that humans can have on the environment. 


In Art we are going to be looking at sculpture. We will be looking at how plants and nature influence artists. We will be creating our own clay sculptures later on in the term. 


The topic web and homework booklet will be sent home at some point during the first week back. 


Looking forward to seeing you all and hearing all about your Christmas on Monday!

Miss Kay 




Due to change in the hall timetable out PE will be on different days. 

We will now be having PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please make sure that PE kits are sent in every Monday ready for the week.


Autumn Term Two

Hello Year 3!

I hope you had a lovely half term rest and that you are looking forward to this new term. I look forward to hearing what you got up to!

We will be starting our new topic all about the Stone Age.


Each child should now have a clear plastic wallet to keep their reading record and school reading book in. These need to be bought in to school everyday so that we can read with them in school and they need to be taken home everyday so that you can read at home. Any reading done at home please comment or initial in the reading records. 

There is a big green box in the classroom that the children need to remember to put the wallets in when they come into school.


Coming this week is the new topic map and homework booklet. 


See you next week,


Miss Kay 


Autumn Term One

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 3!


I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and I hope that you are excited to start a new year in Lime Class. I would like to introduce myself as I am sure many of you know I am new to Rucstall Primary School. I am Miss Kay and I will be your class teacher in Lime Class.


Our topic for our first autumn term is Extreme Earth! We will be looking at a range of different extreme events that occur on our earth such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and hurricanes.


In Science we will be looking at rocks and fossils where we will be investigating and comparing different types of rocks and looking at their different properties.


Linking to our topic, in Geography we will be looking at how and why some of these extreme events occur and investigating whether there are any patterns in events across the globe.


PE will be on a Friday so make sure that you have your kit ready for then!


More information including the topic web and homework booklet will be coming shortly.


Look forward to meeting you all soon!

Miss Kay


UPDATE: PE will be on a Wednesday and a Friday.

Please make sure you have your PE in school for those days otherwise you will not be able to take part. If you have earrings you need to be able to take them out if they are old or if you have had them for less than 6 weeks please write a letter stating the date they were pierced and drop it into the office and send some tape in with your child to cover them.