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Lime Class 20-21

Summer Term 2

Digestive Drama! Today in English we acted out the path that food would take through the digestive system!

Hello Lime Class, 

I hope you have had an enjoyable sunny half term and that you stayed safe in the sun!

I cannot believe that we are in the last term of Year 3, hasn't this gone quickly! We have got a jam packed half term with lots of exciting learning opportunities!


In science we are going to be exploring the human body as well as comparing some elements of to animals. We are going to be looking at food, diet, skeletons and muscles. 

In geography we are going to exploring map skills and local history as well as exploring further and comparing our local geography to other places in the world. We are going to explore our place in the world and the impact that we have on it.


Please check the latest Parentmail's for information about uniform reminders, water bottles and PE kits. 

Just a reminder, our PE days are still on Monday and Thursday. Hopefully the weather will stay sunny but make sure you bring a jumper/coat if it looks like it might rain. 


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Kay 

Summer Term 1

There was a crime scene in our classroom today!

We've been planting! We have each planted some flower seeds and we have planted some cress seeds for our science experiment to explore the conditions that a plant needs to grow!



Hello Lime Class!

I hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the restrictions lifting safely!

This term our topic is plants. In science we are going to be looking at the different parts and purposes of a plants are, exploring the requirements for healthy plants, how water is transported through a plant and the life cycle of plants. I am really looking forward to some hand on experiments and experiences. 

In art, we are going to be observing flowers to explore their shape and different textures to create our own clay model.

In Mathematics we are going to be looking at time and in Writing we are going to be looking at writing to inform through a non-chronological report. 



Just a reminder, our PE days are still on a Monday and Thursday. Please make sure you are in PE on those days and that earrings are out. 

I suggest that you still make sure you have a jumper and maybe a coat as we have to go outside for PE and the weather can be a bit unpredictable! 


Home Learning:

Please try and make sure that you are reading at least 4 times a week and that you remember to write this in your reading records. Remember that the children can fill in their own with your support.

There will be a variety of TTRockstar challenges so keep your eye out for those!


I can't wait to see you all back in school!

Remember to keep your eye on the website as there will be images of what we have been doing!

Miss Kay 



Spring Term 2

Today we posted our persuasive letters to the Romans! We used a wax seal to finish our envelopes that we designed and walked to the post box to post them!

Jeffy is ready for Easter!

Red Nose Day - Make people laugh!

Wellbeing Wednesday Bubbles! For our mindfulness session we looked at calm and slow breathing and had a go at blowing bubbles!

Multiplication and Division: We have been having a go at using resources to help us with our mathematics!

Hello Lime Class, 

I hope you enjoyed a half term of rest whether you have been in school or whether you have been learning at home. Hopefully we will be back together soon!


I am really excited for this term, our topic is going to be the Romans!

In history we are going to be looking at the Romans in Britain, exploring some of the different roles in roman society such as gladiators and soldiers, exploring how Romans lived and some of the key things on our lives that the Romans had an impact on. 


Just a reminder that our PE days are still Monday and Thursday. Please remember to bring a jumper and a coat. Make sure earrings are taken out before school also. 


Home Learning: We do need to try and keep up with our home learning. Please aim to read 4 times a week to earn your stamp. Try and complete 1 page of times tables a week as well. We will also be carrying on with our weekly spellings. 


Look forward to seeing you soon,

Miss Kay

Spring Term 1

We won the TTRockstars Challenge!!

We used salt dough to model 3D shapes in Mathematics!

We have been learning about light and created some hand shadows!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas with family despite the current changes and circumstances! I can't wait to get back to school to see you all!


This term our topic is Light. In science we will be looking at what light is and different light sources that produce light. We will be looking at how shadows are formed and how light can be reflected from certain surfaces. 

In Design and Technology we will be using some of of knowledge around light to help us create shadow puppets to create our own performances. 

In Music we will using light as inspiration to create a music motif and in computing we will be using technology to create art inspired by the Northern Lights. 



Our PE days will be Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure you check the school policies for appropriate PE kit. 

Make sure you have a jumper and clothes to keep you warm as it can be a bit chilly outside!


Home Learning:

Please remember to bring in your home learning reading folder every Friday so that it can be checked.


Times tables - please practice your times tables for our weekly times tables test. Remember to fill in 1 page of your times tables book each week. You can also log on to TTRockstars as well. Don't forget that there are house points for your efforts!

Reading - You need to read 4 times at home in order to get a stamp on your card. 

There are also assignments set weekly on MyMaths and SpellingShed.

Autumn Term 2

Ice Skating! We spent a lot of time on the floor.... but everyone had a brilliant time and did really well!

Lime Class Christmas Christingle!

Check out the Christmas festivities that have been happening in Lime Class!

Have a look at the Rucstall window in Chineham Tesco!

We took part in Music for Youth’s The Future is Now live soundscape event

Our paper chain creation!

Starburst Rock creation - we created the 3 different types of rocks using starbursts! Can you remember what they are?

Here are our Lime Class Everyday Heroes!

Outdoor Mathematics - we were multiplying using equal groups

Today we went outside during English to help us gather lots of exciting adjectives to use in our story writing

Maths Measuring! We used trundle wheels to measure the playground

Our cave, hunting mammoths and deer and gathering games!

Stone Age Cave Art

Den making - not sure how wind/rain proof ours was!!

Biscuit Stonehenge

Jeffy is wearing his Stone Age outfit for this term!

Hello Lime Class, 

I hope you have had a lovely half term and have stayed safe despite the awful weather! I ma looking forward to hearing what you have been doing.

I am so excited for our next topic and I hope that you are going to love it too! We are looking at changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.


In History, we will be exploring what life was like for people in the Stone Age and how their lives are different from ours.  We will be exploring how they lived their lives including where they lived, the jobs that they did and the tools that they used. 

In Science, we will be looking at different types of rocks and comparing their properties. We will also be exploring how fossils are made.



Due to cover changes our PE is now going to be on Monday and Wednesday. Please remember that the children need plain black PE clothes (Check the school policy for more information).


Home Learning:

Just a recap of the home learning expectations. The children need to read 4 times a week at home in order to get a stamp in their punch card. They can do this independently but we do ask that an adult signs to confirm this. 

They also need to do a page in the times tables book, the children should be aware of what times tables they are on. They can also practice these on TTRockstars or Hit the Button.

There is also MyMaths and SpellingShed work online.



Please ensure they have a jumper with them, especially on PE days even if that means wearing their school jumper. It can get cold with the windows open! 


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Miss Kay

Autumn Term 1

Playing Card Maths! Today we used playing cards to help with our number bonds and quick adding. You can have a go at home too!

It's getting cold!

Please remember to bring a school jumper or cardigan with you to school, the weather is getting colder. We still have to have the windows open for ventilation purposes so it can get a bit chilly in class. 

Please also remember to bring a coat with you in case it rains, we will still try to go outside as much as possible. 


Science! In science this week, we explored friction and tested to see whether different surfaces would change the speed of a car.


Please only bring in your home learning folder on a Friday.

Home learning folders should include:

1. Home reading book (colour banded or Free reader)

2. Reading record

3. Reading punch card (small green card)

4. Times tables book


We will check times tables books, reading records and change books on Friday only.

The children have separate books to read in school.


This is to reduce the amount that items from home are coming into school.

Jeffy is all ready for the new term and new topic with his volcano outfit!

Our volcano experiments!

Our outdoor art using things that we found in nature!

Hello Lime Class, 

Welcome back to a new year at Rucstall, I hope you all had a lovely summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all!

This term our topic is Extreme Earth, we will be looking at different extreme events such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. In science we will be looking at forces and magnets and exploring how things move on different surfaces as well as the poles on magnets and what effect they have.



We are sorting out all the children's reading books as they are coming back to school. If you have any school books at home, please bring them back in.

Some children may find that they are not on the same reading band as they were at the end of last year, this may be because we are just building their confidence and fluency after a summer holiday.

The children need to take home their reading book and record everyday so that they can read at home. They need to read 4 times a week in order to earn a raffle ticket. In Lime Class if this is achieved then they can also get their 'reading punch card' stamped which they can work towards earning an extra prize.

Now the children are in Year 3 they are able to read independently and write in the details of their book in their reading record. We do ask that it is just signed by an adult to verify that they have read.

*We will sending home reading records as soon as possible. Please use some paper to write any reading on in the meantime. The children can get some from school if needed.*


Times Tables:

The children will be provided with times tables books that they need to take home daily alongside their reading book. They need to aim to complete a page a week. They can earn house points for completing their times tables. We will have a times tables test every Friday.


The children's reading records and times tables books will be checked on Fridays.



Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday, please make sure the children come into school in their appropriate PE kit. 


Please see the home learning reminder and topic web below.