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Lime Class 20-21

It's getting cold!

Please remember to bring a school jumper or cardigan with you to school, the weather is getting colder. We still have to have the windows open for ventilation purposes so it can get a bit chilly in class. 

Please also remember to bring a coat with you in case it rains, we will still try to go outside as much as possible. 


Science! In science this week, we explored friction and tested to see whether different surfaces would change the speed of a car.

Autumn Term 1


Please only bring in your home learning folder on a Friday.

Home learning folders should include:

1. Home reading book (colour banded or Free reader)

2. Reading record

3. Reading punch card (small green card)

4. Times tables book


We will check times tables books, reading records and change books on Friday only.

The children have separate books to read in school.


This is to reduce the amount that items from home are coming into school.

Jeffy is all ready for the new term and new topic with his volcano outfit!

Our volcano experiments!

Our outdoor art using things that we found in nature!

Hello Lime Class, 

Welcome back to a new year at Rucstall, I hope you all had a lovely summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all!

This term our topic is Extreme Earth, we will be looking at different extreme events such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. In science we will be looking at forces and magnets and exploring how things move on different surfaces as well as the poles on magnets and what effect they have.



We are sorting out all the children's reading books as they are coming back to school. If you have any school books at home, please bring them back in.

Some children may find that they are not on the same reading band as they were at the end of last year, this may be because we are just building their confidence and fluency after a summer holiday.

The children need to take home their reading book and record everyday so that they can read at home. They need to read 4 times a week in order to earn a raffle ticket. In Lime Class if this is achieved then they can also get their 'reading punch card' stamped which they can work towards earning an extra prize.

Now the children are in Year 3 they are able to read independently and write in the details of their book in their reading record. We do ask that it is just signed by an adult to verify that they have read.

*We will sending home reading records as soon as possible. Please use some paper to write any reading on in the meantime. The children can get some from school if needed.*


Times Tables:

The children will be provided with times tables books that they need to take home daily alongside their reading book. They need to aim to complete a page a week. They can earn house points for completing their times tables. We will have a times tables test every Friday.


The children's reading records and times tables books will be checked on Fridays.



Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday, please make sure the children come into school in their appropriate PE kit. 


Please see the home learning reminder and topic web below.