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Pupil Premium

At Rucstall Primary School, we work hard to support those children in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding and Free School Meals to ensure they achieve as well as their peers.


The main barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils are:

  • Low entry levels for communication and language, this slows phonics and reading progress in subsequent years;
  • Low entry levels for literacy and numeracy, impacting mostly on reasoning in mathematics and fluency in reading;
  • Low entry levels for personal, social and emotional development;
  • Fewer life experiences and opportunities means some higher attaining pupils eligible for PP are not yet consistently meeting greater depth in writing at the end of Key Stage 2;
  • Some face additional barriers and also have Special Educational Needs;
  • And turbulence in schooling across both Key Stages.


How this is addressed through the use of Pupil Premium funding is outlined in the documentation below. This is measured through tracking across the school to ensure effective provision. This is tracked against other children to ensure that any gap in attainment is diminished. 


This documentation also includes information about how the school is using its Recovery Premium, provided to support pupils in the recovery of missed education during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Our offer for pupils eligible for Pupil Premium