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Hello, and welcome to Maple Class! 


I hope that you all have had a fun and restful summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon! Please have a look at the newsletter below to see some of the exciting learning that we will be doing! 


Miss Coulter 

Pumpkin Carving 

Harvest Bread Making

Collage in the Style of Lisa Stickley 

Measuring and Sawing in DT

Anglo-Saxon Day 


We had a fabulous time learning about the Anglo-Saxons today! We learnt about their weapons, artefacts and burials. We were able to try some shield formations and some Anglo-Saxon games. 

Viking Day


We had a great time today, learning about the Vikings! We looked at their weapons, long ships, and why Anglo-Saxon Burhs were such as safe place to live. 

Making Viking Bread


We followed an ancient recipe to make bread in the style of the Vikings! 

Rock Steady 


We had a great time in assembly today! We enjoyed trying the instruments, including electric drums, guitars and keyboards. 

Weald and Downland Living Museum 


We had a fun time visiting the museum! We learnt about ancient houses and clothes. 

Selborne Field Studies Centre


We had a great time looking at a river as part of our Geography lessons. We spent time looking at a meander and taking measurements. We investigated the animals that live in the river and even caught some fish!