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Summer Term Two


Kensuke's Kingdom

Using the book Kensuke’s Kingdom, we follow the route the Peggy Sue and Michael took and look in depth at the places/countries they visited.

What happens to Michael? Where will he end up? Who is Kensuke?

So many questions to be answered!


This half term, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's Book 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.

Our topic will be based around this book and we will be discussing and researching the countries that Michael visited during the story.

We will be looking at what it would be like being shipwrecked and how to make shelters in DT.


In science we will be looking at SOUND and how sound moves and recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear.


In PE, we will be learning how to play rounders on a Tuesday with Mrs Heels outdoors and on Thursday's we will be practising some athletics for sports day, team games and some dance.


During our computing sessions, we will be creating comic strips from the book using pic collage.


Please remember we have a class trip on June 28th to The Gordon Brown Centre.


Cooking Letter

Summer Term One

'Go with the Flow'

Welcome back Maple Class, I hope you have had a super Easter break and not too full of Easter eggs?


This half term, our topic is all about Rivers. This is a short half term and it will be packed full of new learning  and an exciting new topic. 


Why are Rivers so important?

Water is a precious resource we have. This topic aims to promote and encourage understanding and an active response in relation to improving the water situation locally and globally. We will find out about rivers and how they erode, transport and deposit materials.


In Science, we will be learning all about 'States of Matter', we will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. We will  be observing some materials change state when they are heated or cooled and we will identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.


In PE, Mrs Heels will be teaching Tennis on a Tuesday (outside PE) and we will be participating and creating  our own team games on a Thursday in the hall. Please remember yo bring your PE kit in on a Monday and leave it at school until Friday.


During Art and design, we will learning to pain a river scene using water colours and in Computing, we will be using the green screen to recreate the joy of surfing on the Severn Bore.


In English, we will be writing our own story to a great picture book - 'Float' by Daniel Miyares and we will be reading our stories to KS1.


Spring Term Two




Welcome back Maple class


I hope you had a lovely holiday , I look forward to hearing all about it! I hope you are refreshed and ready for a new topic? This half term we will be learning all about Rain forests.

In geography, we will be looking at different Rain forests around the world and which animals live in the Rain forests. We will also be finding out facts  about the animals and using 'chatterpix' to present information about your chosen animal.

In science, we will be learning about Living things and habitats which ties in nicely with our Rain forest topic!

In English, we will be reading 'The Tin Forest' and our writing will be focused on this text. We will also be looking at non fiction texts so that we can write our own fact files on Rain forest animals.


This half term, Maple class will be having their swimming lessons at the sports centre in town. These will be for five weeks and Mrs Heels will be taking you to the sports centre every Wednesday morning, so don't forget your swimming kit! Please make sure your normal PE kit is in school as usual on Monday please.


We will be continuing with our weekly times tables test and using TTRockstars and Hit the Button to learn our times tables.


Homework: Mymaths will be set up for you to continue with  practising what we are learning in class and maths which will be coming up, so  the more practise makes it easier with new maths concepts! Also, don't forget to read 4x a week and keep on learning your times tables. Remember- we have a spelling shed login to practise those Year 4 spellings.


Spring Term One


Happy New Year Maple Class.

I hope you have had a great Christmas and a restful break and looking forward to a new and exciting year ahead!

This half term, our new topic will be Anglo-Saxons v's The Vikings. This is our second history topic of the year and I have planned some very engaging lessons for you. We are hoping to welcome the Anglo-Saxon visitor to our school for a day of stimulating activities. 


During the topic, we will be learning about Britain's settlements by Anglo Saxon and Scots and the struggle by the Vikings and Anglo Saxons  for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the confessor.


In science we will be:

  • Describing the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans
  • Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions
  • Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey


In PE, Mrs Heels will be teaching football outdoors on a Tuesday and I will be teaching circuit training  indoors on a Thursday. Please remember your PE kits on a Monday and leave them in school until Friday. For outdoor PE, you may wish to bring black jogging bottoms to wear  for the colder weather. You will need your normal black shorts and white T shirt for indoor PE.


During our DT sessions we will be learning all about bread and what type of bread the Vikings would have made and with what ingredients they would have used. We will then be making our own viking bread.


Autumn Term Two


Welcome back Maple Class.


I hope you had a great half term, I look forwarding to hearing all about what you have been up to!

This half term, our topic is 'The Romans'. this topic will lead us up to the festive period!

We will be learning all about what the Romans did for us! In addition, we will be looking at what it was like in Roman times, their lives, homes and their army.

In PE, we will be learning a roman dance and Mrs Heels will be teaching Gym on a Tuesday. Please make sure your PE kit is in school on a Monday and remains there until Friday.

In DT, we will be designing and making Roman catapults and designing mosaics in ART and computing.

In maths we will be focusing mainly on fractions and Roman numerals, time to wake up your brain for some challenges ahead!


For our Christmas festivities, we will learning Carols to sing for the parents during our KS2 concert -singing voices at the ready!


I'm looking forward to another busy exciting half term with Maple and I'm sure you will rise to the challenge! 

Don't forget to learn those times tables - 'TT rockstars' and 'Topmarks -Hit the button' are great ways to help you learn!






Welcome Year 4 to Maple Class. I hope you have had an enjoyable summer holiday. 

We will be starting the year with a topic all about 'Robots'. 

In English, we will be writing instructions about 'How a robot dog works'. Also, we will be reading books about Robots and the Iron man. and writing are own narrative.

Our SMSC question to be discussed in class is ' Is it possible that Robots could take over the world?'


In science, we will be looking at electricity and investigating ' Is it possible that a Robot could have lights and a buzzer from one power source?'


Our PE days will be Tuesdays and Fridays, so please ensure your full kit is in school on a Monday and left for the week. Please include an outdoor PE kit for Tuesdays.