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School Uniform

At Rucstall Primary School we believe that the wearing of a school uniform encourages pride in the school, helps children to feel they belong to the school community and support them being ready to work.  We expect children to wear school uniform and ask parents to support us in ensuring that children come to school dressed appropriately.

We insist on full and proper school uniform, with parents notified directly if items do not meet our policy with immediate correction expected. Children are also expected to tuck in their polo-shirts.


School uniform should be selected from the following items:

  • Grey charcoal skirt or pinafore, grey trousers or shorts (no leggings or joggers)
  • White short sleeved polo shirts
  • Burgundy sweater or cardigan (this item must have the school logo)
  • White/grey socks or tights
  • Burgundy gingham dress (summer)
  • Flat smart 'professional' black shoes (no trainers or boots, and suitable for playtimes)
  • Book bag (this item must have the school logo) or small rucksack from Year Three only

PE and Sports Clothing Kit List

  • Plain drawstring bag
  • White short sleeved t-shirt (round neck)
  • Black shorts (required all year round) 
  • Black trainers, plain (outdoor PE)
  • Black tracksuit trousers (winter only) 
  • Rucstall fleece with logo (optional from Skoolkit) – or children can wear their school jumper

None of these items should have logo’s/branding i.e. Nike, Adidas.  Plain generic items only are required.


General Information

Children wear uniform across the school week, bringing their PE kit in every Monday and taking it home on a Friday to be washed. It is therefore essential that every child has items in school to access the curriculum.

The wearing of jewellery is not permitted. Rings, dangling earrings and necklaces in particular can be dangerous. 1 x small plain ball stud earring in each lobe and watches are allowed (not with photo taking abilities), but must be removed for PE and sports activities. Nose studs, retainers or body piercings are not allowed.

Hair should be modest in style and colour - nothing less than grade two. Bows larger than 6cm will not be allowed. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back.

There should be no snoods, hats, sunglasses or neckerchiefs and no makeup or nail varnish.


Our Suppliers

School uniform requiring the school logo can be purchased from two suppliers:

• Skoolkit -, 15 Church Street, Basingstoke Town Centre

• MyClothing –

Water bottles are available from the school at a cost of £1.50.

Other non-branded or generic uniform items are purchasable from any uniform stockist or more widely in supermarkets etc. 


Personal Equipment

In addition to a draw string bag for PE clothing, children need a school book bag to transport their home learning, reading materials and a lunchbox (if appropriate). We ask that children use a book bag in Early Years and Key Stage One. In Key Stage Two a small rucksack is suitable, but please bear in mind that there is limited storage space. Children do not need to bring a pencil case to school. Children in Early Years and Key Stage One have cubby holes and Key Stage Two children have lockers within our cloakrooms to store their PE kit and personal items.

A named bottle, containing only water, should be brought into school every day. It is highly important that children drink plenty of water during the day, to keep them well hydrated.


Valuables and Lost Property

Children should not bring large sums of money, valuables or mobile phones to school. Year Six children who walk home are, however, allowed to bring their phones into school for safety. These are stored in a cupboard during the day. Watches and other items of value are sent to school at parents’ own risk. Toys, games and other personal belongings should not come to school.

It is essential that all items of clothing and bags should be clearly marked with the child’s name. A number of items go missing across the year so please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name so it is easy to reunite any lost items easily. We do not keep ‘lost property’, so named items will be returned to children immediately to be stored in their new cubby holes/lockers. Unclaimed and unnamed items are disposed of on a fortnightly basis.

Second-hand uniform

If you are interested in second-hand uniform, please speak to the office so that we can signpost you appropriately to available stock, or make a note of your requirements should something become available.

If you are experiencing exceptional financial difficulty, then please do contact the school to let us know as we may be able to provide support or signposting.