Rucstall Primary School

A caring, fun loving, learning community

Pupil Responsibilities

At Rucstall Primary School, our Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) is a body of pupils set up to represent all pupils on issues that affect them.

At the start of the school year, the children and their Class Teachers speak about what Rucstall Primary School means to them and how they could make it an even better place to be. In previous years, the Pupil Leadership team have decided on an outdoor adventure trail and selected individual pieces of equipment they would like to have available to them during play times. 


The following children are the current Pupil Leadership Team:


Hazel - Isabella B and Michael A

Lime - Savannah G and Aiden M

Maple - Macy R and Julie D

Rowan - Emily S, Louie H and Noah M

Willow - Vinnie C and Anais B



At Rucstall Primary School, our House Captains are elected Year 6 pupils who oversee the House Team system. The House Captains are responsible for counting up the weekly house team points, supporting/organising house team events and acting as role models for younger children.


Our House Captains are:

Red Phoenix - Scarlett J and Kiara H

Blue Centaur - James P and Emily E
Green Dragon - Deacon L and Charlie M

Yellow Dragon - Rosie-Mae T and Aiden H



We also have Play Leaders who are trained to engage and support younger children to interact with games during lunchtimes. 


Our Play Leaders are:

Beth S, Bowe S, Rosie-Mae-T, Deacon F, Kiara H, Cameron P, Leo L, Tharunika T and Isla R



The school also has librarians who receive training to not only keep both our school libraries tidy but to support other children with selecting books of interst.


Our Librarians are:

Charlie M, Scarlett J, Dillan B, Freddie M, Anais B, Tharunika T, Vinnie C, Beatrice A and Harley E