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Hello, and welcome to Maple Class! 


We hope that you all have had a fun and restful summer and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon! Please have a look at the newsletter below to see some of the exciting learning that we will be doing! 


Miss Taylor and Mrs Sayer


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In Autumn half-term one, our Dance lessons were with CM sports. We learnt how to improvise dance in groups and use techniques such as a cannon.


The children worked out the answers to division problems. The answer corresponded to a letter which had been dotted around the classroom. Children needed to find all the letters to spell out the secret message!

Bread making in Year 4! We had a very exciting morning in Maple class making both leavened, and unleavened bread.

Our Trip to 878 museum! We had a fascinating time, learning about the Anglo Saxons and The significance of Winchester during that period.

At the end of Spring 1, Year 4 had a DT day! They made pencil pots to distribute around the school. The children measured each length of wood, before cutting them using a saw. The children then took turns using hot glue to add the pieces of wood together. They showed deep concentration and accuracy. If you would like to see an example of the pencil pots, we have one in the office!

ART DAY! The children have been looking at the artist Turner, as well as learning about perspective and brush strokes. Turner is famous for his use of light, so the children studied his paintings and created thier own landscapes inspired by his work.

We had so much fun with the egg hunt! Year 4 children were partnered with a year 3 and a year 2 to solve an Easter Puzzle!

Maple Class Trip to the River Selbourne - The children had a wonderful time measuring the width and depth of the river.

We then explored the area and saw the view from the top of the 'Zig-zag path'

Finally, the children created their own rivers out of sticks, making sure to include meanders and oxbow lakes!