Rucstall Primary School

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For those of you who guessed 6am, you were wrong. Did anyone guess 5:45am? Well, you were also wrong. If you guessed 5:30am then you were correct because voices were heard from one of the rooms this morning. After a breakfast of cereal, toast and pastries, the quotes of the day started when Mr Fifield said that children should wear long sleeved tops because of the heat and one child asked if a jumper was ok to wear!


Today we headed over to Robin Hill Adventure Park. Despite a few spots of rain hitting the windscreen on the journey there, the weather was very kind to us. We started our visit to the park with a trip to the 4d cinema. The queues were worth the wait as we got to travel to the Great Wall of China! The movement of the ride made you really feel like you were travelling at speed along the wall. At one point we even got attacked by a dragon!

Afterwards we headed down to the slides. We had great fun experiencing how fast we could slide whilst using teacher’s coats!


Later on, we continued on to the pirate ship. Those of us who were brave enough were allowed to ride on it. Although we really enjoyed it, our screams could definitely be heard on the far side of the park!


Much to Miss Radford's dismay we headed for the falconry display! More birds! A buzzard, Harris hawk and falcon were swooping right above our heads, we had to duck quite a few times. The boys got so close it even brushed their heads (don't worry the gel held it in place...)


Only one child managed to get lost in the maze. We nearly had to leave them there! At dinner we were delighted to see those rarest of things; 'vegetables' being eaten. However, we are working on the few vegi dodgers that are hiding amongst us. One child said the trip was like a holiday but with teachers – we’re not quite sure how to take that.


This evening we arrived at Ryde beach and children reacted to the news that they had more than an hour to play on the sand and paddle in the sea. This led to the following questions:

-How do we paddle?

-What do we do if our feet get sand on them?

-What do I do if I don't like sand?


Those same children were soon having the best of times burying each other in the sand, building sandcastles and paddling in the sea. Paddling in the sea took on a new dimension with one child removing trainers but keeping their socks on, while another didn't bother with the removal of shoes!


The children are now in their rooms with the lights off. We're hoping for more children asleep at a better time!