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Morning everyone, it’s another glorious sunny morning here on the Isle of Wight. I've enjoyed sitting out watching the sun rise with peace and tranquility at The Lodge. A quick dip in the private pool was of course obligatory. It's a shame I can't see the main house but alas, the deer and squirrels make the best of company. A few parents have messaged suggesting that Mrs Healy or Miss Radford should get the opportunity to swap accommodation with me. I've given it much thought, however I just can't bring myself to upset Gerald (my butler), Reginald (the grounds keeper) and Sally the barmaid. We've all bonded so well and it would be unfair to deprive them of this. I also have a round of golf booked in with Gerald and Reginald has booked us clay pigeon shooting so perhaps it is best for me to remain where I am. 


We’re set for all the action-packed fun of Robin Hill Park including the rides, the park and bird of prey display. We’ve had a very quiet night which is not surprising considering the events of Monday evening. Everyone has slept well and the waking up rounds have been done. Although, if truth be told, the vast majority of the children were once again awake at 6am. At least they remained in their rooms until after 7am today though! (small wins). Actually, that's not entirely true because in room F9 Jacob, Lawin, Louie and Kian decided to share x1 top bunk - apparently, it would help them cool down! Don't worry, we caught them straight away! 


Josh was caught at 6.42am shoving sweets into his mouth. Mrs Healy took the perfect opportunity to teach him about healthy snacks. This appeared to fall in deaf ears as he was spotted again at 6.51 eating more. The Great Sweet Trade of 2023 has been challenging to police this year with rumours of smuggling amongst the rooms. 


We're beginning to wonder whether Arlo has a double bed at home seeing as he stretches out like a starfish and moves every 30 seconds. 

Everyone seemed full of beans, looking forward to breakfast, and keen to find out their group's activities for the day.  Unfortunately, beans were on the menu so we've cancelled room inspections fearing the smells that may entail.


As soon as we arrived at Robin Hill Country Park we headed for the 4D Cinema. The Amazon and Great Wall of China were on show. I am reliably informed by the girls that the louder you scream, the more you are enjoying yourself so, by that yardstick, the children had a wonderful time. As we disembarked the ride, one of the children asked, "What was that all about?"


The response, “It was a random man on a bike desperately trying to keep things stable whilst everything around him falls apart.” This sounds like a documentary movie about Boris Johnson, Party Gate and other scandals…but probably far less chaotic. Anyway, they all seemed to enjoy it so we made our way first to the maze then to the Colossus pirate galleon for some stomach-churning motion. On the way I caught up, a few children asked, “Why did the man set fireworks off causing havoc...and why is this like Boris?” was the line I heard first. I’m sure there are plenty of us living in Britain who can relate to such confusion.


Much to Miss Radford's dismay we headed for the falconry display! More birds! An owl, vulture and Harris hawk were swooping right above our heads, we had to duck quite a few times. The boys got so close it even brushed their heads (don't worry the gel held it in place...)


Afterwards we headed down to the slides. We had great fun experiencing how fast we could slide whilst using teacher’s coats! 

Only one child managed to get lost in the maze. We nearly had to leave them there! 


For those of you following the Olympic Water Polo, the second heats were indeed very heated! Mrs Healy's Team (Mr Mils, Noah, Louie, Arlo, Kylan and Amelka) smashed the other team by 11-5. Apologies to the losing team (Mr Fifield, Jacob, Ryan, Maci, Finn, Kian, Josh and Amelia G)


"Does anyone know why Miss Radford is snapping the pool cues and having a tantrum?"

"Oh yes! I do! It's because I beat her at pool tonight!"

"Fair enough." (Maci)

Last year we bumped into Dianne Buswell (from Strictly Come Dancing) and Joe Sugg (Youtuber). This year the children were delighted to run into Daniel Cutting (a Youtuber?!) Truth be told, Mr Fifield spotted him first and was the most excited: Jacob was a close second! For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a football free-styler with over 1.39 million subscribers.