Rucstall Primary School

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years at Rucstall 

Our caring and passionate team, led by an experienced Early Years teacher, provide a variety of learning opportunities to build independence, resilience and a love of learning, ensuring the curriculum meets the needs of all children. This approach enables our children to achieve well and be ready for Year One.  The team, with guidance from our SENCo, provide excellent support for every child’s needs to enable progress. With us, children thrive and, as a result, children leave reception happy and the majority attain a Good Level of Development, well-equipped for Key Stage One. 


When children start at Rucstall Primary School, parents/carers and children are invited for transition step-up sessions and meetings. During the transition arrangements we provide you with some training to support your child's development in early reading, phonics, mathematics and we explain our curriculum, as well as the Early Learning Goals. We provide every family with a range of materials to help them prepare for their child's start at our school. These materials include a Parent Learning Guide (this includes information about the curriculum in the Early Years and details about starting school), leaflets with ideas for supporting your child and games, a free story book to share, a speaking and listening prompt, a Pupil Photo Book (with images of the school and appropriate staff for them to read over the summer holidays) and other useful materials. If you miss any of these materials, or our workshops, details are shared on this page after the events. 


If you, or your child's first language is not English, then we do have materials to support you both and documentation is prepared in a variety of languages. 

Reception Baseline

From September 2021 onwards there will be a new statutory baseline assessment that all reception age pupils must take on entry to school. 

Below is a link where you can find out more about the baseline and a video for parents/carers. Please do not worry, children do not need to prepare for this. 


Reception baseline assessment: a new way of measuring progress for primary schools

The reception baseline assessment is scheduled to become statutory in England in September 2021. This will form the start of a new school-level progress meas...