Rucstall Primary School

A caring, fun loving, learning community


The school aims to give all children a thorough understanding of number, geometry, measurement, statistics and algebra. A strong emphasis is placed on investigative and problem solving activities to achieve this. The curriculum is designed for children to master mathematical concepts through a process of developing fluency, problem solving and reasoning. The school is very conscious of the potential loss of learning caused by the pandemic. The school's curriculum follows the local authority’s long term map that caters for mixed age planning and a continuous revisiting of domains throughout the school year.


Individual mathematical concepts are taught in an extended series of lessons that aim to deepen and embed children’s understanding through a range of representations and routines. Lessons over-time follow a structure of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Children are taught to articulate their mathematical reasoning using appropriate vocabulary.



The ability for children to know and manipulate age appropriate number facts is a key focus of our Mathematics teaching. Mental Maths sessions are delivered across Key Stage One to ensure that children secure and retain number facts. In Key Stage Two, children access Arithmetic lessons which also aims to secure and retain number facts as well as revising formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


Times Tables and Mental Maths

Children regularly play mental mathematics agility games in class and use online programs such as ‘TT Rockstars’ to support the acquisition of times tables.