Rucstall Primary School

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French - Intention

At Rucstall Primary School, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and progressive French curriculum which aims to develop a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the diverse world we live in. French is taught through purposeful learning experiences which provides children with the tools they need to develop life skills to communicate their ideas, thoughts and opinions and respond in another language both orally and in writing.  


French - Implementation

Children are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding within each unit, which then builds across KS2.


For example, Year 3 children will begin by introducing and describing themselves before moving on to introducing and describing other people in Year 4. They will review prior learning of descriptive language and further develop their ability to apply this to themselves and others. As children progress in Year 5, they will begin to describe places/destinations, as well as their sports and hobbies. This is further developed in Year 6, where children will consolidate all their learning to plan a holiday, describing where, who and when they are going and the activities they would participate in.


French is taught weekly across KS2, with each lesson mostly following a similar format: 

-Starter Activity: An opportunity to review previous learning, for example through a song or quiz.


-Teaching input: Children are introduced to the learning objective, with the teacher modelling accurate pronunciation of new words and phrases.


-Learning activity: Children have the opportunity to apply new learning in order to achieve an outcome, which could be participating in verbal dialogue or responding to written prompts.


-Plenary: Children evaluate their levels of success in meeting the learning objective.