Rucstall Primary School

A caring, fun loving, learning community

SMSC and British Values

The promotion of SMSC and British Values takes place across the curriculum.


Spiritual development encourages the children to reflect on their beliefs, religious or otherwise, and reflect on their experiences, and to try and answer some of life’s fundamental questions. The use of imagination, creativity, and a sense of fascination in learning about themselves and the world around them is developed.


Moral development encourages the children to recognise the difference between right and wrong; to have a concern for others and develop an understanding of the consequences of their actions. They are helped to think about moral and ethical issues and to think about the views of others in these matters.


The school’s approach to social development encourages children to work and socialise with their peers. Children are encouraged to understand what it means to have British Values and to be inclusive despite different backgrounds, religions, ethnicity or socio-economic circumstances. Our children are therefore well-prepared to contribute positively to life in Modern Britain.


Cultural development encourages the children to understand and appreciate the wider range of cultures in their local community and further afield. They are taught to respect different faiths and diversity in local, national and global communities.


The children are also encouraged to take part in artistic, sporting and cultural   opportunities. They are helped to accept and engage with the fundamental values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


All of these are experienced in a variety of activities including discussions, our curriculum content, collective worship, circle times, visitors and workshops.