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26 children and 4 adults off for a week of sun, sea, thunderstorms and exploration – what could possibly go wrong? 


Well...we had only just got on to the M3 when the infamous call came from the back of the coach, "How long until we get there?!" I had hoped we would be more than 10 minutes into the journey before the annoying questions had started. To make matters worse, it was Mr Fifield. So, in essence, I'm taking 27 children and 3 adults to the Isle of Wight. 


Just another 10 minutes more and I received a text from Mrs Healy. I looked next to me surprised as she was indeed sat beside me. The text read: "Mr Mills, don't be cross but I'm not sure whether I packed any bedding. Do you reckon we could pull over at a supermarket at some point?" So, by 9.30am, we are down to 28 children and 2 adults on the trip. And to make it worse, for those of you who followed my blog last year, you might recall that Mrs Healy had forgotten to pack underwear last year.  


The annual joke of 'don't forget to have your passports ready for when we board the ferry' took a whole new turn this year. One child, who shall remain nameless, actually has brought their passport! Do not worry, we have taken the passport for safe keeping and will return this on Friday directly to an adult. 


We're currently sat listening to our coach driver moan about the excessive weight of some of the suitcases. Whilst I reminded him that we'd advised the children not to pack the kitchen sink, it appears to have made no difference - he's still cross. The cases are obviously filled to the brim with Lynx Deodorant and hair gel. 


In other news, I am sorry inform you all of the, once again, poor standards of geography I am hearing. Once I have posted this blog, I am going to have a stern word with Mrs Healy to tell her off as she has clearly not taught any Geography this year - seeing as some children were expecting us to be going to a different country. 


On a more serious note, the more astute of you may have detected tension amongst the adults before departing. I'm not really sure what I have done wrong. Suffice to say, I got my golf clubs out of my car which then ensued into an argument. Apparently, it's not acceptable to play golf whilst the other adults are looking after the children. Thank goodness they didn't spot the fishing rods and tennis racket. Anyway, I digress...thank you to all of those who were able to stay and wave the coach off. The children will have a fabulous week and we will try to keep you updated as frequently as we can.





At 10.30am we boarded the ferry. Miss Radford is adamant she saw a crocodile and a wallaby as we crossed the Solent. Amusingly, whilst most children rolled their eyes at the obvious joke, they all could not help but secretly keep looking in the hope they might spot them too.  


One child (who shall remain nameless) asked whether the coach was coming with us on the ferry! Said child then asked how long the ferry was – we gave the answer in feet and inches – not quite what he wanted. 


After a safe and timely ferry crossing, we arrived on the island in high spirits. None of the children were seasick – or at least nobody owned up to throwing up in the Solent. As far as we can tell, nobody fell overboard but we will do a second head count later on just to check. Driving off the ferry, “Are we on the Isle of Wight yet?"


The children enjoyed their time at Amazon World Zoo. Larry the parrot was in true form, as was Trumpeter (the bird who loves his neck stroked). The children were able to feed wallabies, get up and close to a flamingo and tempt the lemurs with food.


We've arrived at the hotel although I really need to stop calling it that! We've arrived at the very budget accommodation. I won't comment on the accommodation standards but...well, you know. It is with a great deal of sadness that I have been informed I am not staying in the accommodation block with the rest of Year 6. Due to some weather damage to a few of the rooms, I am staying in a lodge on the other side of the site. 

The Lodge:


You'll be pleased to hear EVERY child ate their dinner. 

"I wish my mum could make mash potato like this!"

"My dad is a rubbish cook, this is awesome"

"Why is my sausage circular?" 

...were the three highlights.


After dinner we headed for the swimming pool. After a rather heated and very competitive Year 6 vs Teachers water volleyball, we are delighted to announce the final score was 13-4. There will be a re-match on Wednesday. Mrs Healy is absolutely furious that she's broken a nail - all that competitiveness from the children. She's only got herself to blame. 


The children, and Miss Radford, were too tired to head to the beach so we made our way to the games room. The children, and Miss Radford, were too tired to head to the beach so we made our way to the games room. Ryan was crowned the 'Pool Champion' as he was unbeatable (with the exception of Mrs Healy). Some of the children mastered chess on the giant board. Alfie-Jack was by far our best tabletennis player and managed to beat both Mr Fifield and Miss Radford! The girls spotted a bunny rabbit in the forest but struggled to catch it. All in just 40 minutes! 


Sweepstakes will be taken by staff later regarding wake up times in the morning. Knowing we have an 8am breakfast slot, and it takes Mrs Healy several hours to wash her hair, it will be interesting to see who is first up. 


Whilst I am sat here now looking at the spectacular views from my own private veranda, I can't help but be a tad disappointed I am not with the noisy Year 6 children. Alas, I shall enjoy the sunset, the tranquillity and enjoy the hot tub.