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29 children and 4 adults off for a week of sun, sea and exploration – what could possibly go wrong? Well…we had only been gone two minutes when a call came from the back of the coach, “I don’t think I have packed any spare underwear”. We wouldn’t mind except the culprit was Mrs Healy! In addition to the pants disaster, Miss Radford has spilt coffee all over the coach curtains – don’t ask, we don’t know either! I’m sat in agony after trying to lift some of the boys’ incredibly heavy suitcases on to the coach; we did say not to pack the kitchen sink!


In other news, I am sorry inform you all of the poor standards of geography I am hearing. Once I have posted this blog, I am going to have a stern word with Mrs Healy to tell her off as she has clearly not taught any Geography this year - seeing as some children were expecting us to drive north towards Manchester to catch the ferry!


On a more serious note, thank you to all of those who were able to stay and wave the coach off. The children will have a fabulous week and we will try to keep you updated as frequently as we can.


Oh, in case you weren’t aware…..Mr Fifield is joining us this week.




Those of us who have been on many school trips expected some entertaining quotes this week but we didn't expect staff to be the first to start the tally score: "Was that lightning?" (after a photograph was taken…disappointing from Mr Fifield).


At 10.30am we boarded the ferry. Miss Radford is adamant she saw a penguin, a hippo and a flamingo as we crossed the Solent. Some of the children believe they have seen the Lochness Monster – another worrying geography statement, Mrs Healy.

One child (who shall remain nameless) asked whether the coach was coming with us on the ferry! Said child then asked how long the ferry was – we gave the answer in feet and inches – not quite what he wanted. Another child, a girl this time, asked whether people actually lived on the Isle of Wight – sighs.

After a safe and timely ferry crossing, we arrived on the island in high spirits. None of the children were seasick – or at least nobody owned up to throwing up in the Solent. As far as we can tell, nobody fell overboard but we will do a second head count later on just to check. Driving off the ferry, “It looks just like England” – strike 3 on the geography front.



After dinner we headed for the swimming pool. After a rather heated and very competitive Year 6 Boys vs Teachers water volleyball, we are delighted to announce the final score was 4-5. There will be a re-match tomorrow. 



The children, and Miss Radford, were too tired to head to the beach so we made our way to the games room.


Sweepstakes will be taken by staff later regarding wake up times in the morning. Knowing we have an 8am breakfast slot, and it takes Mrs Healy several hours to wash her hair, it will be interesting to see who is first up.