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Art Week!!


Hazel class had a super time during our Art week in June!  They learned all about Vincent Van Gogh's paintings such as Sunflowers, Bedroom at Arles and Starry Night.  They all wrote a poem about one of his paintings.  They then did some observational drawing using pastels on black sugar paper!  They copied a sunflower really carefully.  Here are some of their drawings!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
They then created a whole class piece using paper sunflowers.  It was amazing!
Picture 1

Finally, they presented all of their work to the whole school!


Mischief, magic and medicine - Summer Two!

Picture 1

Dear all


Welcome back to a long but fun filled summer half term!  


This term we launched our topic with the story Rascally Cake which is the story of a man who likes to make disgusting food!  It all goes horribly wrong when a cake he makes comes to life and causes mayhem!  To fully engage with the story, the children made "Rascally Sandwiches" which involved a whole list of disgusting ingredients all put together.  For example, they had lime jelly, bovril, cheese, sausages, sweets, tomato ketchup and many more (all representing something horrible as per the story).  They were much braver than I was trying the interesting sandwiches!


Next week (w/c 17th June) is ART WEEK where the whole school will be completing an art project of some sort.  Hazel class will be doing observational drawing so watch this space for pictures of their completed artwork!  


We then move into our history unit where we will be learning all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole!  The children will have an opportunity to interview Florence (AKA, me) and will then perform a role play of the nurses and soldiers during the Crimean



Finally, we will move into our science topic which is in healthy eating.  The children will be designing and making their very own healthy eating picnic which we hope to enjoy one afternoon in the memorial park.  The children are also going to design some games for that afternoon for all of us to enjoy (weather permitting).


I hope that the children enjoy this term - I certainly will!


With warmest regards



Mrs Brewer

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Mini-beasts - Summer One

Mini-beasts - Summer One 1

Dear all


Welcome back from a very sunny Easter Break!  It is really nice to see colour in all of the children's cheeks!


This relatively short term will be filled with many exciting things to do!  Our topic is "minibeasts" which continues from our animal theme last term.  We will be going on a minibeast hunt, seeking to identify the different habitats of the various types of minibeast!  The children will then be making their very own 3D model of their chosen habitat using natural resources from our very own woodland.  


The children will also be planting their own seeds in a science experiment which will span the five weeks to see how their plants grow!  They will be using all of their observational skills to record their plants progress.  


This week in English we will be focusing on the Easter Story and will be exploring this through role play.  We will then move on to our fiction book "Superworm" which ties in nicely with our minibeast unit.


For maths we will be consolidating all of what has been learnt so far this year.  Year two will be focusing on practising their strategies for their SATs preparation and Year one will be re-visiting and extending their knowledge in all areas.  Please see the mymaths homework set this week.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to do their homework last term.  Remember, if your child needs access to a computer to complete their homework, please discuss this with myself.


We will be also completing a unit of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) during the term.  This will cover a range of topics such as conflict resolution and other areas of social development.  


Here's to a short but jam-packed term!!


Mrs Brewer and Mr Armstrong


Picture 1

Animal Kingdom - Spring Two


Image result for picture of african animals


Dear all!


Welcome back from a half term with lots of sunshine!  This year is going so fast already!


We have yet another exciting term this spring with our topic being "Animal Kingdom".  We launch our topic with finding some rather large animal footprints in our school grounds.  We are going to investigate who they belong to!


This topic is science led and we are going to be learning about animals and the way they live in detail.  We will also have live owls visiting the school mid-way in the term which may be an exciting opportunity for the children to hold them!


We will be covering the bear hunt story and the children will be writing their own version in a few weeks.  Also, the children will be creating their very own bear fact file!


We will be setting up mymaths for the children to use from this term forward.  If you have any problems logging in or accessing the tasks, please do not hesitate to ask for help!


Wishing you all a lovely term!


Mrs Brewer and Mr Armstrong

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Helpful Websites to support this terms learning:-

PE Days!!


PE days this term for Hazel class are:-


Indoor - dance - Thursday afternoons.

Outdoor - Invasion Games/throwing and catching - Friday afternoons.


Year Two Spellings

Week 2














Toys - Spring One

Toys    -  Spring One 1

This week we have been learning how to tell the time!  Take a look at this great online teaching clock tool!



Picture 1

Can you find stories about Traction Man in the library?  They are really fun and exciting to read!



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Dear all!


Welcome back from the Christmas break!  We wish you all a very Happy New Year!


This term our topic is "Toys" and we will be launching our topic by going on an exciting trip to Milestones Museum!  While we are there, we will be completing a few workshops - specifically relating to toys through the years - and then we will have a general look around the museum afterwards.


Also this term, the children will have an opportunity to design and make their own toy using materials that can be manipulated into different shapes and sizes.  There will also be a focus on creating Digital Art by creating images in the style of Andy Warhol!


At the end of the half term, the children will be creating their very own Toy Museum for parents/carers to come and see!


Looking forward to an exciting term!


Best Wishes to all!


Mrs Brewer and Mr Gazzard (fractions)


Picture 1

Dear all


We hope that you have enjoyed your half term week!  The children have told us all about their Halloween costumes and of the fireworks they have seen!


Moving into the second part of Autumn term, the children are really settled into our daily routine.  We had a really exciting topic launch (Ahoy There!) which involved having a real life Hot Air Balloon on our school field!  The children (and adults) were really excited to see the balloon being inflated with cold air and then move to an upright position using the heated air (which was quite noisy when close!)  The pilots explained everything about Hot Air Balloons in detail to the children which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Mrs Griffiths even had a ride in the basket (with the balloon tied down of course!)


As you will see from the topic web attached, we have many more exciting things  planned for this term.  The topic being "Ahoy There" is all about journeys and will cover parts of the science and geography curriculum.  The children will have an opportunity to make a boat that we will be testing out on the lakes at Eastrop Park later on in the term.


We also have our Christmas Musical to practise and perform to parents in December.  So please keep watch for dates!  We will be sending a costume list home in a few weeks time to allow time to look in wardrobes and be creative!


Looking forward to a busy but exciting term! 


Mrs Brewer and Mr Gazzard