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Week beginning 20th July 2020


Hello Rowan class,

How are you all? I hope you are keeping safe! Next week is a short week and the school will close on Wednesday. Are you looking forward to your summer holidays? I bet you are!

Next week's work has been uploaded for you, it would be great to see some of you using the online sharing platform to display your work you have been doing at home!

Keep an eye out on the web pages here for the summer challenges from next Wednesday!


Take care Rowan class and keep safe!


Miss Coulter

Offsite Learning 6.4.20



Just to update you on what we have been doing in school this week. It might be nice for you to recap what we have learnt, or to go over it again- if you can teach it to someone else then you really understand it! 


In maths we have converted fractions, decimals and percentages. I have found a video that explains it nicely and have attached some questions for you to try out. MyMaths has also been updated to support this learning. 


In English, we have looked at the themes that many books contain, I have also attached a list. It can be handy to be familiar with these as they pop up in lots of books. For example, our class book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, has lots of themes such as friendship, courage and acceptance. There is no right or wrong answer- you might think it has clear themes of escape rather than journey. As long as you can back up your decision with the story, you can choose any theme you think applies. 


You could try choosing a theme and listing as many books (or films!) that apply, or you could choose a story and list the themes that you have identified. Remember, it is important to explain why you have chosen these so 'because' is always an important word! 


As part of our ongoing Harry Potter topic, you could also try writing instructions for a potion. What will it do? What ingredients will you need? How could you make it sound as magical as possible? 'Ask the golden hen for a feather.' 'Travel to the mysterious shop opposite the park, choose the smallest onion you can find, when you walk back, only walk on the left side of the pavement.' 'Stir the potion two times clockwise, and then lift it up and down.'