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Religious Education

At Rucstall, RE teaching and learning follows Hampshire’s Living Difference III. On this advice, each year Rucstall aims to provide approximately 36 hours of RE in Reception and Key Stage One, and 45 hours annually in Kaye Stage Two.

In addition, RE teaching and learning at Rucstall recognises that modern Britain is predominantly Christian, and so this is a religion that is taught in all year groups. Teaching and learning at Rucstall also acknowledges that there are many other major religions, and aims to reflect this to support children in developing respect, understanding and appreciation.

As a result, RE teaching and learning at Rucstall is structured as follows:

In Foundation Stage (Reception), children will learn about the religion also being explored in Key Stage One. At Rucstall, this means that children will learn about Christianity and Judaism.

In Key Stage One, children will continue their study of Christianity and Judaism.

In Key Stage Two, children are required to learn about Christianity and two other religions. At Rucstall, children in Years 3 and 4 learn about Christianity and Hinduism, and in Years 5 and 6 they learn about Christianity and Islam.

Furthermore, children at Rucstall are exposed to concepts of increasing complexity. This means that children in Year R and Year One, will look at RE through the lens of concepts which are common to all people, such as belonging and family. This is continued through Year 2, until they encounter the concept of god in the final half term. Following this, children in Years 3 and 4 examine concepts which are common to many religions, for example, worship. Finally, in Year 6, children will investigate concepts which are common to some religions, such as trinity and redemption. In this way, children are able to develop their understanding of the concepts, and use their pre-existing knowledge to deepen their understanding of some religions.

At Rucstall, children are able to withdraw from RE lessons, at the request of their parents, as stated in the Education Act 1996 and the School Standards and Framework Act 1988. If parents wish to withdraw their children from these lessons, this should be discussed with the head teacher/RE subject lead. 

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