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Home PSHE Lessons 


Please find attached some home learning for PSHE. These lessons focus on 'Special People' and can support a conversation about people the children may be missing or worrying about. You can always do as much or as little as you like, and use it as an opportunity to respond to the children's specific concerns and situations, which be worth a look.  

They have also released resources to support 'Making Decisions' for KS1 and KS2. Please find them below. 
The PSHE Association have released new resources to help children embrace change and transition. Children may find it strange when returning to school looks different to how they left it, and these can provide an opportunity to talk about how they feel, where they can go for help, and how they can manage these changes. They are split into KS1 and KS2 and go into age appropriate levels of detail. 

Picture News 


Picture News ( helps children talk about current events and process their feelings and emotions towards them. Please find the resources attached, which are designed to support learning at home through the focus of toys. Talking about toys can be a great way to talk about change (how their favourites have changed as they have changed), where toys come from, and people who have lots/little. 


The resources are labelled 4th May but they can be used anytime. While there are some great ideas for activities, they are invaluable at starting a discussion. Hope you enjoy them!

Picture News have also developed some great resources for VE Day on the 8th May. These can be a great way of discussing this huge event in a way that children can understand. The children have celebrated Remembrance Day every year and this would be a lovely way of developing their understanding of World War 2 specifically. I hope that you find them useful! 

This week Picture News have focused on satellites and outer space. These are very interesting and allow discussion from all angles, consider some quite deep questions. They support children's understanding by linking to their prior knowledge, such as nursery rhymes or songs. For KS2 children it supports discussion about regulatory bodies and whether something as huge as space should be monitored and controlled to prevent too many privately owned satellites from blocking our view. This topic can be taken in lots of interesting directions. 


For the week commencing 18th May, Picture News have focused on 'Where We Live'- please find the resources below. 
Picture News have released new materials which are focused on transitioning out of lockdown. They support reflection about lockdown, and the impacts that it has had. This is a loevly way to think about life after lockdown and anything that will be especially appreciated and enjoyed. Hope you find it useful!
This week, Picture News have focused on the jobs we do. This is a great opportunity to talk about key workers and why they are so important. There is a lot to discuss about jobs that can be done at home and why some people still need to go to work. There is also an opportunity to discuss why more people are interested in working in the healthcare sector, and why this might be. Hope you enjoy it!
Picture News this week looks at routines- what they are, why they are important, and what would happen without them. It can be good to talk about the routines in school, such as daily assembly, PE twice a week or even lining up. It might help children to think about all of the routines involved in a normal school day. Do they like knowing what is going to happen? What would happen if we didn't have daily routines? There is a lot to talk about in these resources!