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At Rucstall Primary School, we are trying to raise the profile of music. We have a fantastic Key Stage Two Choir that have sung at many local events and assemblies. We also have a 'song of the week' that the children hear throughout the week in their classrooms and assemblies. Each week there is a new song. 


Here is a link to a playlist for the songs that we have been singing in choir so far this term (there are also a few added extras that we will be looking at when we get back!) if you want to practise, as well as a document listing our song of the week for the next few weeks if you would also like to listen along at home. The children have enjoyed listening to the different songs and it can help bring calmness when they are working. 




Song of the week:

Musical instrument tasters:

Have a look at these videos below. They look over all of the different instruments and instrument families. See if there is any that you would like to have a go at playing!

Instrumental Showcase - Woodwind

Instrumental Showcase - Brass

Instrumental Showcase - Strings

Instrumental Showcase - Keyboard and Piano

Instrumental Showcase - Percussion

Instrumental Showcase - Guitar

Vocal Showcase

HMS Virtual Singing Assemblies - Week 4

HMS Virtual Singing Assemblies - Week 3

HMS Virtual Singing Assemblies - Week 2

HMS Virtual Singing Assemblies - Week 1

Brilliant websites and links

Gareth Malone's Great British Home Chorus:

Gareth Malone has announced a new project to bring together performers, amateur and professional, to create music despite social distancing. 

If you would like to get involved follow the link below and register your details.

Great British Home Chorus - FIRST REHEARSAL