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Week beginning 6th July 2020


Hello Marvellous Maples


I hope you are all well? What a miserable week of weather we have had this week! Well done to those who took part in the Bench design, the entries I saw were fantastic. I think the judges will find it hard to choose!

I hope the weather brightens up for next week so we can enjoy some outdoor time again!

Next week's work has been uploaded now for you to have a go, keep up with your reading and timestables- they are the most important!

Take care and stay safe Maples.

Hope to see you soon


Mrs Fuller




Week beginning 29th June 


Hello again Maples,


What a lovely week of weather we have had! I bet some of you have been in your paddling or swimming pools! I am very jealous- all I had was a bowl of water for my feet! Let's hope this lovely weather continues!

I have seen some great work on the online sharing platform and fabulous pictures, a great bug hotel and a special video of a drumming session this week- thank you all for sharing your work. Don't forget you can upload pictures and work to the sharing platform for teachers and school friends to see what  you have been doing! 


I have uploaded next week's work and I have included a link to a times tables check-have ago if you can and when we see each other you can let me know how you did!


Take care and stay safe Maples


Mrs Fuller


Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Hello Maples,

I hope you are all well? What miserable rainy weather we have been having- I do hope the sun comes back out soon, I have lots of flowers I need to plant in my garden!

Poppy is not liking this wet weather either, she shakes the water all over me when she comes back from her walk with her daddy! Naughty Poppy! I am sure she thinks its funny!


Have you seen the new online sharing platform? I have been keeping an eye out to check if any Maples have been uploading their fabulous work! You can create your own profile character too! Check mine out- Poppy is with me!


Don't forget Monday is the deadline for the AWE science bug house competition - I have added the reminder posters below with next week's work! If you join in , please take a photo and upload to the online sharing platform so we can all see, I would love to build one too! 


Take care and stay safe

Hope to see you all soon!

Mrs Fuller





Week beginning 15th June 2020


Hello again Maple class,


I hope you have had a great week? I have been busy this week, lots of school work to do. I hope you are finding the work I am uploading easily accessible. If you have any problems please let me know.

Have you tried the new online learning platform yet? I have seen a couple of posts on there. If you feel like sharing some of your work, please upload it to the Maple class online platform page so I can have a look. I've seen a great poem and story already this week. You never know who will give you a comment on your fantastic work! 


I have uploaded next week's work for you - have fun, keep safe and hope to see you soon!


Mrs Fuller



Week Beginning 8th June 2020


Hello again Marvellous ones!


I hope you are all well and taking care of each other? I have been busy planning all the work for the children onsite and offsite this week. I have been trying to find some different activities to do for English. I hope you like them this week. 

Have you been taking part in the quiz each week? I wonder how you are getting on?

You never know, you may see a familiar face in the next few weeks!


I have uploaded next week's work for you to have a go at. Also, if you fancy, there is a competition being run by AWE - looks very exciting. Have a look at at the competition leaflets I've uploaded - I think you will enjoy this one. It is only for year 4 and 5 and the AWE will be judging the entries and you will be notified by them of who wins.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Take care , hope to see you soon

Mrs Fuller


Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hello Marvellous Maples,

I hope you have all had a fabulous half term? Have you been out in the gorgeous sunshine? I am very jealous of all of you who have paddling pools and swimming pools in your garden! I bet you have been practising your swimming skills!!


Well done to all of you that have taken part in the maths, English and science competitions this week, I have seen some fabulous maths posters. The winners will be announced very soon- keep an eye out on the website and check with your parents, if you are a winner, you will be receiving a parentmail very soon!


I do hope to see you all soon.

Take care

Mrs Fuller


Week beginning 25th May 2020


Hello Maple Class,

Given than next week would be half term, we are not setting our usual work. However, if you would like to keep occupied, and prefer some continued structure, we are posting three competitions for next week.

There will be a mathematics, English and science competition running. You can try as many of them as you like, it is up to you! But please remember to spend some time with your family and enjoy this lovely weather we are having.

All the information for the competitions are below.

Happy Half Term Maple class.

Mrs Fuller

Week beginning 18th May


WELL DONE MAPLES- You are the top spellers in the school!!

Also extra fabulous well done to the three Maple top spellers you are in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place- Amazing work! - I'm so proud of you all!


Hello Marvellous Maples

I hope you are all well? It seems such a long time ago that I saw you all- I am missing you all and can not wait to see you.

I have uploaded next week's work for you but please remember that you need to take time off for yourselves as well as working. I know you are all working hard as I know just how conscientious and hardworking you all are but, it is important to have some rest time, read a book for pleasure, play in the garden in the sunshine, maybe a walk with your parents or maybe a bike ride. Your well-being is as important as school work!

Please take care of yourselves and your family.

I do hope to see you all soon. Don't forget to watch the videos the teachers have been uploading and our brand new quizzes. See how many points you can win!


If you are interested in dinosaurs and want to trial a new times tables game there is a link for a new game I have found. Let me know what you think about it!


Take care and i'll see you soon!

Mrs Fuller






Week beginning 11th May


Hello Maples,


I hope you are all well? Are you enjoying the sunshine? I wonder how many of you have been on bike rides? I can't wait to talk to you all and find out what you have been up to!

Did you celebrate VE day at home, maybe a tea party with your family? I had tea and biscuits in the garden with my husband and my pooch Poppy - although Poppy did eat most of my biscuits!

I hope you are all keeping safe and looking forward to seeing you soon, Don't forget -head over to the children' page and look out for some videos that have been uploaded recently!

Also, Miss Kay has set a music competition - I bet I know which Maple musicians will have a go at that! - Good luck everyone.


See you soon

Mrs Fuller





Week Beginning 4.5.20


Hello Maples

I hope you are all well? I am missing you all!

I hope you are finding things to do with this wet weather that has arrived?

I have uploaded next weeks offsite work- please have a go if you can.


Take care of yourselves and your families.


Mrs Fuller



Week Beginning 27.4.20


Hello Maples,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend? Mrs Gazzard has told me that he enjoyed speaking to you last week, I am so jealous it wasn't me but we have to keep safe!

How are you all getting on with the home learning? I do hope you are enjoying some family time as well as your home learning and keeping safe? I look forward to hearing some of your adventures soon.


Take care of each other and enjoy the lovely sunshine.


Mrs Fuller 



Home Learning w/b 27.4.20

Hello 'Marvellous Maples'

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and full of yummy chocolate! I know I am!!

I'm so sorry that I cant get to speak to you all but unfortunately, I am still at home with my family, keeping safe. I hope you are all keeping safe too and remembering to wash your hands and taking care of yourselves and your family?

I hope to find a way to get a message to you all next week!


I have uploaded the activities for next week and keep up the great work. I've seen lots of fabulous spelling scores on Spelling Shed and great results on TTRockstars- keep up the amazing work you are doing and hope to be back at school soon!


Take care


from Mrs Fuller

Home Learning w/b 20.4.20


Easter Holidays

Given that next week is the start of the Easter holidays, we will only be posting material for one of those weeks. This is to enable you some continued structure, should you desire this, but to also allow all families time to spend together during what would usually be a time without any school work.

Happy Easter from all the Rucstall Primary School Team! 



Hello Maple Class,

I do hope you are enjoying this sunshine and staying safe. I bet you are looking forward to the weekend? I know I am!

I am hoping the weather stays nice so I can go into the garden this weekend with Poppy. I may even clean my car! 

What ever you are doing, stay safe, have fun and enjoy being with your family!

Take care my lovely Maples!


Mrs Fuller and Poppy




Week commencing 6.4.20

Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Hello again my Marvellous ones!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and trying some of these activities that have been uploaded on the home learning page?

There has been some fabulous videos uploaded in the children's area and I'm sure more to come! Keep an eye out for some story time videos, I'll be hopefully reading one very soon!

On Friday evenings, I will be posting new home learning activities for the following week which are linked closely to the activities been taught in school at present.

Don't forget you can still use the ‘learning for all’ page for more ideas of things to do at home. 

I would like to remind you that these are activities and there is no expectation for all of it to be completed. It is just as important that we focus on looking after each other, keeping safe and enjoying some quality family time as well.


Take care 

Mrs Fuller


Week Ending 27th March 2020


Hello my Marvellous Maples,

I hope you are all keeping safe and looking after each other?

I have been busy marking all your assessments you completed whilst I was away and I'm so proud of you all, you have done amazingly well and shown so much progress since September. I wish I could see you all in person to tell you just how marvellous you all are!

I hope you all enjoy your Easter eggs and for those of you who were absent, they are safe and you will hopefully get them soon. Thank you so much for your lovely letters and drawings, they made me smile. 

Please take care and keep checking back on here for more messages.


Mrs. Fuller