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Isle of Wight 2022

The Year 6 residential trip has unfortunately come to an end but we hope the children have memories to last a lifetime. Throughout the week the children have conquered fears of seeing snakes, riding the swinging ship, walking around the highest walls of Carisbrooke Castle and listening to Miss Radford's joke book. The children have mastered the art of water polo although perhaps not as well as the staff.


All members of staff can not compliment the children enough: excellent behaviour, politeness at all times and smiling all week. Despite the humorous comments posted about the children throughout the daily updates, we really will miss them...a tad...maybe for a minute.


Many children were sad to leave because they felt the week had gone too quickly and wanted to do more fun and adventurous activities. However, all good things have to come to an end. A much welcomed end for one child; he had not showered all week as he was saving it up for a nice bath when he got home. Happy bathing! The end


The remaining photographs for Friday will be uploaded at some point next week.

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