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Frequently Asked Questions

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Update - 31.05.2020

Are Year One coming back, as they are mentioned in Government guidance?

No, unfortunately we are unable to open further than EYFS due to the number of Key Worker and Vulnerable Bubbles we require. Due to smaller bubble sizes, we can open to less children than usual. We also require two adults per bubble to ensure the health and safety requirements.


If my child is in a keyworker bubble, does this mean that they can attend school everyday or do we need to keep them at home when we are not working?

At this time we are open to Key Worker children for childcare purposes only, so that Key Workers can attend work. If you are not at work, we would expect you to care for your child at home as others are doing. 

This is different for EYFS, as these children have been asked to return due to the impact of missing education at such a young age. Government have therefore asked us to widen our opening to this year group to educate these children, to the best of our ability within the guidance. This includes encouraging these children to attend school as usual. 

Update - 04.06.2020

44. Will the school be open over the summer holiday?

No. We have not been directed to open for any pupils at this time.

45. We are concerned that schools may not open for some time to all pupils, will home learning continue as it is now?

Throughout our period of partial closure to the majority of our school pupils, decisions have been made to ensure that we provide home learning which is simple and concise for parents. We are acutely aware that parents are not trained educators and therefore use of the online learning tools we have selected was to minimise the pressure placed on parents. Every decision that is made is done to provide the best we can for our families, as well as upholding our responsibility as an employer. During this time we have used an evolving model to help keep children engaged at different times. I believe that whatever we had initially provided, children would have lost interest over time, which is why we took this approach. 


We agree with parents concerns that children may not all return to us for some time, we are certainly missing them all and are concerned about the impact of our required closure educationally. We have developed plans and continue to do so to aid children when they return, this was following our online consultation with parents. Our provision is due to evolve further from next week (08.06.2020), following reflection of working practices from this last change to how school is running and in preparation for the children to potentially return to us following the next Government announcement on the 4th July 2020.