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EYFS September 2020 Intake Information

Information and virtual transition materials will be coming shortly to this page for pupils who will be joining us from September 2020 onwards. 

4th June 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Firstly I would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging time. We are usually able to share with you all our transition information in April; however, things this year have had to take on a more evolutionary nature.

At this time, we are still unable to welcome your children onsite for transition visits. We are also unable to host information meetings in person. We are therefore moving things, where possible, to online and virtual meetings. We have already been using virtual meetings to begin the transfer of information from your child/ren’s preschool.

As you may be aware, not all of our children have been able to return to us this year yet, and this means I am still unable to confirm an official date for your child/ren to start with us in the new academic year. I can however confirm that, whether the whole school returns to us from July, or not until September, we will need to conduct in-person transition visits first, before we can admit your child/ren. We would be neglecting the sound principles of transition, if we were to abandon these.

Therefore, I am able to confirm for you the below stepped method to prepare your child to join us, and appropriately transition:

  • Step One – On receiving this letter, parents will be aware that they are also being sent our usual information pack next week, which includes: Year R Pupil Book, EYFS Parent Learning Guide and the children’s This is Me Booklet for completion (to be discussed and explained in the information meeting).
  • Step Two – Parents to drop off their child’s consent booklet via the school office, between 10.00am and 2.15pm by Friday 12th June 2020. We also need to verify your address and take a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Please bring these documents with the consent booklet. On arrival to the school office, ring the buzzer to explain who you are and place the items on the outside table, then step back. Someone from the office will then take these documents, copy them and place them back on the table. Please then be aware that they have been touched and should be treated cautiously.
  • Step Three - An Information Meeting for Parents/Carers will be held online via Zoom at 11am on the 17th June 2020. This meeting will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend at the time, you can request a copy to watch at your convenience. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting. Bring your own tea and biscuits this time!
  • Step Four – A member of the office team will contact you to arrange a convenient time for Mrs Koranteng, to hold a ‘Home Visit’ with you virtually on Zoom. This meeting is intended to enable you to share information with your child’s new class teacher about them, and for them to see their new class teacher in their home setting (helping to build familiarity and their feelings of safety with our staff members).
  • Step Five – Children to attend Rucstall Primary School in person for transition events and parents to engage with workshops on mathematics, phonics, reading and speech and language. 


The organisation of Step Five, inviting you and your children here in person, is dependent on Government directives. There are two potential scenarios we have planned for:

  1. If all of our current children return to us in July without social distancing measures, we will be able to organise transition events during July. This would enable your child/children to start earlier in September with us, on a short three day transition from the 7th September onwards. 
  2. If all of our current children return to us in July, but social distancing and Bubble working is still essential, OR, our current children do not return to us until September, we will be holding our transition events in September over the first four weeks. Therefore, meaning that our new EYFS pupils would not be starting with us full-time, until the third week of the term.


As I’m sure you are finding, the current situation is making it very challenging for us to make firm arrangements and help parents plan for their work commitments. As soon as we here further information about the 4th July 2020, I will contact you with the confirmed ‘in person’ transition arrangements. Please rest assured that every decision made is done so to ensure the safety or pupils and staff first.

Thank you again for your patience. It has been an incredibly challenging and busy time for us and we appreciate your support,

Kind regards,


Mrs R Griffiths


Online Sharing Platform

All children who are due to join us in September can now gain access to our Online Sharing Platform, during our partial closure. If you do not have your details, or are having trouble accessing this page, please contact the school office.